SCAND 280: Ibsen And His Major Plays In English

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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts
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M W 12:30-14:20
CLK 120
Reading and discussion of Ibsen's major plays.

In this course, we will read Ibsen’s major works – including A Doll House, The Wild Duck, and The Master Builder – in English translation, supplemented with excerpts from criticism and film adaptations. Although George Bernard Shaw has claimed that the only formula for Ibsenism is that there is no formula, Ibsen's name also stands in for a variety of (sometimes contradictory) philosophies concerning art, theater, and ethics. In criticism and performance, his dramas can represent realism, modernism, feminism, humanism, iconoclasm, and bourgeois ideals. In our discussions and in your writing, you will consider and assert the ways in which Ibsen’s dramas support and undermine, limit and enable such formulations. To be taught by Visiting Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn.


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