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FINN 490 A: Supervised Reading

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Why Study Finnish?

Finnish courses are a fun way to satisfy your language requirement, learn more about Finnish heritage, or get acquainted with a non-Indo-European language. Our courses are taught by an exceptional faculty, including our visiting Finnish Language Lecturer and a Fulbright Visiting Graduate Student.

How will this impact my career?

In our increasingly global world, proficiency in a foreign language is a big career asset! Students of Finnish have gone on to jobs at Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, as well as to graduate and professional schools at such institutions as the University of Wisconsin, the University of Maryland, the University of Washington, and Harvard University.

What requirements am I filling?

The College of Art and Sciences, the School of Social Work and the College of Education have language requirements beyond the UW admission requirement – studying Finnish through the third quarter fulfills this requirement. 

What scholarships are available?

Students of Finnish are eligible to apply for support from the Eero and Helli Tetri Endowed Fund, the Finnish Studies Endowment, and the Kalevala Endowment.

Can I study abroad?

Yes! We have a variety of programs for students to study abroad in Finland and throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Want to learn more?

See what our students have to say about studying Finnish at UW!


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Readings in a selected area of Finnish language, culture, or society.
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September 13, 2016 - 9:17pm