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FINN 203 A: Second-Year Finnish

Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 10:30am - 11:20am
SAV 141

Syllabus Description:

Finnish 203, talvi 2016
Mon–Fri 1030–1120
Raitt 305Y / Savery 141

Instructor: Ilmari Ivaska
Office: Room 305Y, Raitt Hall
Office hours: Mon 2:30-3:30 or by appointment


Oppikirja / Textbook:

Sonja Gehring, Sanni Heinzmann, Sari Päivärinne, Taija Udd: Suomen mestari 3: Suomen kielen oppikirja aikuisille (Req.)
Englanti–suomi–englanti-sanakirja / English–Finnish–English Dictionary (Optional)
White, Leila: Grammar Book of Finnish (Optional)


Kurssikuvaus / Course description:

FINN 203 is designed for the student who has completed FINN 203 or its’ equivalents. It provides a comprehensive study of Finnish. The aim of the course is to provide intensive practice in all areas of language learning. You will improve your speaking and writing skills as well as reading and listening. The course will be conducted mostly in Finnish.

During the course we will review and broaden concepts studied earlier and widen your knowledge with new grammatical structures and different language situations and topics. You will learn more about art and culture and talking about them in Finnish, as well as Finnish history, society, and politics in Finland. We will continue to explore more linguistic variation and differences of language use in various situations and registers. We’ll also continue working with spoken Finnish, which will improve your ability to function in different everyday contexts.

Special attention will be paid to reading and writing, listening comprehension and speaking in Finnish and the class will provide students the opportunity to practice new vocabulary and grammatical structures through in-class discussion of assigned activities and readings. Newspaper articles, films, and the Internet will be used. To succeed in this course, you must actively participate and you will be expected to attend class regularly, prepare for class daily, and speak as much Finnish as possible.


Tavoitteet / Objectives

In addition to expanding on structures and grammatical points studied previously, this course will:

  • engage students in language-production activities to enhance oral communication skills
  • provide tools to discuss abstract and complex topics both in writing and in oral production
  • expand the students’ knowledge of the Finnish culture by providing authentic texts and videos
  • enhance the students’ awareness on contextual variation and stylistic choices

 Through the communicative approach I hope to achieve a high degree of interaction in the classroom and make your learning of Finnish language and culture enjoyable. We strive for a learning atmosphere that challenges your skills in a supportive way. There are no wrong answers, only good attempts. Emphasis will be given to all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Kurssin nettisivu / Class website:

All of the daily homework assignments will be posted on the class website on Canvas every day, and there will also be other useful information posted such as the syllabus and links to Finnish resources.


Arvostelu / Evaluation

  • 10% tuntiaktiivisuus / class participation: Daily attendance and active participation are crucial to your progress. Coming in time, being prepared, doing activities, answering questions and speaking Finnish as much as possible are all part of participation. If you know you are going to miss a class, please notify me in advance. Please rate your daily performance once a week on Canvas, based on a scale of 0–5, considering the following guidelines:
    • 0 = Not assessable: Absent or no participation at all.
    • 1= Very poor: No attempt at speaking Finnish, negative attitude, unprepared and unmotivated, arrived late.
    • 2 = Mediocre: Minimal attempt at speaking Finnish, apathetic attitude, somewhat prepared, arrived late.
    • 3 = Satisfactory: Some attempt at speaking Finnish, sometimes volunteers to answer questions, somewhat prepared, arrived late.
    • 4 = Good: Speaks mostly Finnish in class, volunteers to answer questions, motivated and well prepared, arrived on time.
    • 5 = Commendable: Attempts to speak only Finnish in class, positive attitude, motivated, very well prepared, volunteers often, arrived on time.
  • 15% kotitehtävät / homework: Homework will be assigned and graded (complete/incomplete) regularly and is due to the following class, unless otherwise specified. Homework will not be accepted late without prior arrangement.
  • 20% pikkukokeet / quizzes (4): There will be two quizzes in the first half of the quarter and two in the second half. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped. Missed quizzes are not eligible for make-up.
  • 15% suullinen koe / oral exam (1): There will be one oral exam. Exams will consist of a short interview or conversation in Finnish between one student and the Finnish instructor.
  • 30% kokeet / exams (2): There will be a mid-term exam (15%) and a final exam (15%).
  • 10%: tekstitehtävät / text assignments: Besides the daily homework, you will write one short essay in Finnish (5%) and translate one Finnish text into English (5%). These texts will be graded.
  • 0-5% Lisätehtävät / Extra-curricular activities: You are encouraged to participate in activities related to Finnish and Finland, and you can compensate up to 5% of your grade with participating points. Some possible activities include:
    • Finnish coffee hours (3 attendances = 1%, max 2%)
    • Finnish community events (1% with a short report in Finnish, max 2%)
Catalog Description: 
Intensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Functional review of grammar. Third in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: FINN 202.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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