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SCAND 155 A: Danish Literary And Cultural History

Meeting Time: 
TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
CDH 110A
Desiree Ohrbeck
Desiree Ohrbeck

Syllabus Description:

WLPA + w credits are offered

This course focuses on Danish culture and literature with an emphasis on contemporary culture and literature. To put the contemporary into a context, we start out by reading 3 H. C. Andersen fairy tales, a short novel from the modern breakthrough (Lucie by Amalie Skram), and 3 Karen Blixen short stories, before we engage in literary texts from the 1990s and up to recently (2014) published works by highly acclaimed Danish writers.

Through the literary texts, you will learn what ideologies lie behind the heavily subsidized state and its approach to the individual. We will be reading perspectives from  'the other', outsiders who have visited Denmark, and through their lens learn how they see certain aspects of Danish culture such as how the biking culture relates to the view on society and the individual and the group. We will also deal with the cultural revival in movies, architecture, etc. that emerged in the 1990s and explore what contributed to this change. Further, in light of the immigration 'crisis' in Europe and the terrorist attacks in Denmark in February,  we will discuss the effects of the Mohammed Cartoons that, after 10 years, still influence the discourse in the 'freedom of speech' debate and the approach to immigrants in Denmark. These are some of the topics that the course will touch upon.

You can earn a higher grade (0.1 per task well done):

- in class presentations

- attending Scandinavian movie events (announced in class) outside of class.


There will be a multiple choice midterm and a multiple choice final exam

Catalog Description: 
Introduces the literary and cultural history of Denmark. Focuses on several major literary works and cultural moments from the Viking Age, the Enlightenment, nineteenth-century Romanticism, twentieth-century Modernism, and current Danish literature, journalism, and film.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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