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SCAND 367 A: Sexuality In Scandinavia: Myth And Reality

Meeting Time: 
MW 1:30pm - 3:20pm
MLR 301
Ia Dubois
Ia Dübois

Syllabus Description:

Sexuality in Scandinavia: Myth and Reality

The Department of Scandinavian Studies


Scand 367/ WIN 2016

MLR 301 M/W 1.30-3.20


Ia Dübois

e-mail: : Phone: 685-7962 or 543-0645 (msg)

Office: 305X Raitt Hall (mailbox: 318 Raitt Hall)

Office hours: W 2.00-3.00, after class, or by appointment


Required Reading

  1. Course reader is available at Ram’s Copy Center, 4144 University Way NE.
  2. One novel, Lucie by Amalie Skram is available at the U. Book Store.
  3. Internet sites and extra material will be uploaded on our Canvas site during the course.


Course content

In Scand 367 you are exposed to literary works (novels and plays), critical articles, socio-political writings, films and guest lecturers in order for you to gain an in depth understanding of how the Scandinavians have perceived human sexualities since the late 19th century. The compiled reader includes texts from the Moral Debate in the 1880s to documents on trafficking of women and children today in order to highlight the development from mainstream ideologies in the past to the progressive humanitarian ideals of today.  We will naturally also compare situations in Scandinavia with those in Europe as a whole and in the American society.


Course format

The course combines lectures, team discussions, chatting on Canvas and reaction papers. The team discussions/chatting and reaction papers offer you the opportunity to vent, and reflect on, controversial topics. Note! Partaking in these discussions increases your chances for a good grade. Importantly, when not in class you miss out on the context of a topic! Make sure that you keep abreast with the readings to engage actively in the class. That will make the class more fun for me also!

Three reaction papers are required; they should be your personal reflections on a topic, text or film discussed in or outside of class. Note, they are one page opinion papers that are NOT graded, but they need to be submitted for a complete final grade!

We will have three tests, one for each time period—no midterm or final—see the syllabus below for the dates. Note that the third test is on the last day of classes.

PowerPoint presentations will be posted of the Canvas page. Yet, as above, you will need to be in class to be able to get the context of the information on the PowerPoints.


Course Objectives

  • To offer a comprehensive understanding of how sexuality and gender is perceived in the Scandinavian culture
  • To promote critical thinking on the role of conventions and mythmaking in society
  • To provide you the opportunity to consider on which models you base your opinions 
  • Grading: Reaction papers: Participation: 10%; reaction papers: 15%; 3 tests: 75%  
Catalog Description: 
Examines selected Scandinavian literary and socio-political texts, films, and art to manifest the reality behind the myths of sexual freedom in Scandinavia.
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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