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LATV 101 A: First Year Latvian 1

Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 8:30am - 9:20am
SAV 162
Joint Sections: 
LATV 111 A
Photo of Solvita Poseiko
Solvita Burr

Syllabus Description:

Latvian/LATV 101 and LATV111

Fall 2018

Credits:       5 credits (LATV111 - 3 credits)         
Time:           M-F 8:30 AM - 9:20 AM
Location:     SAV 162

Instructor:    Solvita Poseiko

(206) 3702515

Office hours:         Wednesday 10-11 a.m or by appointment, RAI 305W




Auziņa, Ilze; Berķe, Maija; Lazareva, Anta; Šalme, Arvils (2014). Laipa A1. Rīga: LVA.

Lasmane, Valentine (1992). A Course in Modern Latvian. Amerikas Latviešu apvienība.

On-line learning materials:

Latvian literature, movies and song texts: prepared by the instructor, available in class


Course Objectives

This course provides a systematic overview of the basic linguistic characteristics of the Latvian language. The course uses a series of thematically arranged, structurally graduated readings, conversation topics, individual and group assignments to enable students to acquire a facility with written and spoken Latvian. 

This course focuses more on the development of reading and comprehension proficiency.

English-language explanations of grammatical structures and occasional translations are not avoided altogether.  Language learning in this course is closely tied to learning about culture, and through culture, as well as to the learners' own personal experiences. Authentic cultural materials will be used whenever possible.

Teaching and learning take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect among students and between the instructor and students.  The instructor strives to accommodate and assist students of different cognitive abilities and different learning styles.

Learning objectives

By completing this course, students will be able to communicate in Latvian in  basic way, read and understand simple texts. They will be equipped with the necessary basic concepts to continue language acquisition in their social and professional milieu, interacting with native speakers, or taking a course LATV 201.

 During the studies students are expected to acquire:

  • vocabulary,
  • understanding the basic of Latvian grammar as a system,
  • basic reading skills for authentic Latvian literary and informative texts.

Students are expected to develop listening, reading, basic speaking and writing skills and be able to:

  • read simple authentic texts,
  • communicate – introduce oneself, greet, ask and answer simple questions, express their own opinion etc.,
  • write notes, postcards, simple letters, short e-mails.




Latviešu-angļu angļu-latviešu vārdnīca. Riga: Avots, 2015 on-line dictionary in various language combinations – on-line list of words, phrases and terms on-line dictionary in Latvian

Materials for grammar training: – apps “Latvian Nouns” and “Latvian Verbs” – grammar tables with images



Home assignments

There will be daily home assignments including grammar and vocabulary exercises or writing assignments and listening practice.

Class assessment

There will be short quizzes covering the week’s material.

There will be a Midterm and a Final exam. These exams will consist of a test written in class and an oral part (conversation with the instructor, short role-plays).

Daily attendance is essential. If you need to miss (part of) a class due to an emergency, contact the instructor beforehand or as soon as possible.



Participation and Quizses                    20%

Homework                                            10%

Midterm                                                30%

Final (oral, written)                               40%





Catalog Description: 
Fundamentals of oral and written Latvian, including introductory study of literature, film, and other authentic texts. First in a sequence of three. Offered: A.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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