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DANISH 201 A: Second-Year Danish

Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 11:30am - 12:20pm
SMI 109
Photo of Kristian Naesby
Kristian Næsby

Syllabus Description:



Course Description

Velkommen til Dansk 201! In this class we will build on the skills from Danish 101 through 103. We will continue to learn the Danish language and culture, with a focus on communicative and practical skills. Learning Danish and about Denmark is a fascinating way to begin approaching contemporary world issues, history, media, society, politics, innovation, and everything else! While we will spend most of our time focusing on Denmark, there will also be opportunities for comparative and personalized integration with your own interests, studies, goals. During each quarter there will be two or three specialized focus where we don’t use a text book but do deep dives into aspects of Danish culture, literature or cinema. These weeks are unique, and you have influence on what you what to learn more about.
Vi ses snart! [See you soon!]


VLPA credit: 

Each course in this sequence also carries a VLPA credit. To that end, authentic Danish texts, music, and media (especially film) are integrated into the course.


Course materials:

  • Puls 2 (One book for the whole first year + Online access)
  • Films available on canvas
  • Digital or paper dictionary


Grade Distribution:

An example of how grading could work

25% - Homework

20% - Daily participation & In-class exercises

15% - Short essays or reviews

20% - Chapter quizzes

15% - Midterm and Final exams

5% - Final oral interview in pairs 


Catalog Description: 
Intensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Review of grammar. Introduction of modern literary texts. Discussion of culture and current events in Denmark. First in a sequence of three.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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