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DANISH 201 A: Second-Year Danish

Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 11:30am - 12:20pm
SMI 109
Photo of Kristian Naesby
Kristian Næsby

Syllabus Description:

DAN 201 – VLPA – Fall 2019
Second Year Danish

Meeting times: Every Day 11.30 – 12.20

Kristian Næsby, Visiting Lecturer of Danish

Office: Raitt Hall 305S

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 10.00 – 11.00



Course description:

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the fundamentals of the Danish language and culture. The course will provide you with the linguistic tools to function and communicate in an everyday context. You will be able to talk about yourself, your family, your home, and your personal interests and to discuss daily topics such as food, weather, shopping and travel. These activities will be built around the Puls 2 textbook and cultural and literary works.


Textbook and other materials:


     Puls 2 (Req.)

Subscription to an online English-Danish and Danish-English dictionary. I use



 Mikkel Rosengaard: Opfindelsen af Ana Ivan


Four episodes of Weekend–Watch-at-home “Historien on Danmark”:


Are available on


Poems or song texts: (Will be revised during the quarter to suit interests.)


Alex Graff: Septembers Himmel er så blå

Ludvig Holstein: “Det er i dag et vejr”

Holger Drachmann: “Vi Elsker Vort Land”

Thøger Larsen: “Du Danske Sommer Jeg Elsker Dig”

Malk de Koijn: “Kosmisk Kaos”

Ulige Numre: “København”

Inger Christensen: “Alfabet”

Kirsten Jørgensen: “Sensommervise”

(Distr. by the instructor)


Possible excursions and get-togethers:

29/9 – 2 pm – Nordic Museum – Lecture with Marianne Stecher and Kristian Naesby on Danish Painter: L.A. Ring

22/10 – Concert Lucas Graham at The Moore – Shameless Danish Pop in Seattle – I already have my tickets.

8/12 - 2-4 pm. – Julestue at Professor Marianne Stecher’s house. Gløg and Æbleskiver and Danish Christmas traditions

Authentic Danish materials will be used extensively. The course will introduce Danish literature, cinema, and pop culture. More specifically, we will watch two movies, listen to and read song lyrics and read a Danish Youth Novel. The tv-series will provide the students an overview of Danish early history and facilitate situating the language into a context (subtitles in Danish are provided). The episodes are to be watched at home prior to class The Student will write short recaps or reflections on the individual episodes in Danish. Most weeks I will also introduce songs, which are used parallelly for three different but intertwining purposes: (1) they portray a thematically consistent view on Danish Culture; (2) they each represent a certain lexico-grammatical feature relevant to the topic at hand; (3) they are used as a reference text bank for examples about grammatical concepts studied during the course. Lyrics will be provided with verbatim English translations but only the original text will be considered during the course. Finally, during the course we will read a few simple literary texts in the original language.

Through the communicative approach the hope is to achieve a high degree of interaction in the classroom and make the learning of the Danish language and culture enjoyable. The Course strive for a learning atmosphere that challenges the student’s skills in a supportive way. There are no wrong answers, only good attempts. Emphasis will be given to all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Class website:

The daily homework assignments, and the “Watch-at-home” episodes and other class material will be handed out in class or posted on the class website on Canvas, and there will also be other useful information on Danish language and studying the culture.



  • 20% Homework and active and prepared class participation: Daily attendance and active participation are crucial to your progress. Coming in time, being prepared, doing activities, answering questions and speaking Danish as much as possible are all part of participation.
  • 20%: Students will watch four episodes of “Historien om Danmark” on during weekends and write a short Danish recap/reflection. Half of these grades will be based on the content and the other half on the language.
  • 30% quizzes (3): Quizzes will be taken after each chapter in textbook.
  • 30% Final presentation exam: In the last week of classes the students will be working on their final project with the help of the instructor. The exam consists of two parts. One reflection paper handed in the day before the presentation, and a 10 minute oral presentation.


Diversity and equity

The Department of Scandinavian Studies builds cultural awareness and understanding through research, teaching, service and community outreach. The students in this class engage curricula and field experiences structured to foster knowledge of others and their cultures. Awareness of and respect for difference is essential to preparing students for citizenship. The Department of Scandinavian Studies views each student as an individual and supports the equal treatment of all those who enroll in this class in particular. The Scand155 is an inclusive space where all religions, ethnicities, genders, sexualities are welcomed, valued and appreciated. If you have personal requests or requirements in this regard, please come talk to me about it. 







Course Schedule and Readings



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday




Året rundt

Wednesday to Friday


Welcome, presentations, Syllabus,


Fall poems (TBD)


Weekend: “Historien om Danmark episode 1” Hand in Monday week two


Week 2

Arbejde og Uddannelse


Chapter 1 in Puls 1




Week 3

Arbejde og Uddannelse

Chapter 1 in Puls 1


Friday: Quiz 1:

Weekend episode of “Historien om Danmark”



Week 4

Special week

Tourism in Denmark.

We look at sights and different parts of the country, lean about history and current cultural currents.



Week 5

Indvandring og arbejde i Danmark


Chapter 2 in Puls 2



Week 6

Indvandring og Arbejde i Danmark


Chapter 2 in Puls 2


Quiz 2.


Weekend episode of ”Historien om Danmark”



Special week 7

Rhythm and rhyme! In children’s ABC’s


Halfdan Rasmussen: “ABC”

Knud Romer: “ABC”

Anders Morgentahlers: “ABC 28 dyrefabler”




Week 8

Identity in Denmark – two week theme about youth and identity in Denmark.

We will read short stories and poems and newspaper articles about the topic. This will lead up to the visit from Mikkel Rosengaard and the talk about his book Opfindelsen af Ana Ivan.  


Week 9

Identity in Denmark continued:


Episode 4 of Historien om Danmark – Handed in Monday week 10.


Week 10

Monday: visit from Danish Author and Journalist Mikkel Rosengaard

We have read a part of his novel in Danish



Quiz 3


No class Wednesday - Thanksgiving


Week 11

Monday: Final project is worked on in class, with help from instructor

Final presentation Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and maybe Friday.


No exam in the finals week




Catalog Description: 
Intensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Review of grammar. Introduction of modern literary texts. Discussion of culture and current events in Denmark. First in a sequence of three.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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