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LATV 111 A: Basic Latvian

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MTWThF 8:30am - 9:20am
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LATV 101 A
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Solvita Burr

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Latviescaronu valodā vairāku... Autors: vienigaisenriksinboxlv Interesanti fakti par latviešu valodulatvia-location-map-max.jpg


This online course aims to build basic oral and written skills in the Latvian language. The first quarter will focus on understanding basic vocabulary (about 500 most commonly used words) and grammar. 

During synchronous classes, you will learn how to:

- introduce yourself and other person

- describe people and their interests, traditions and beliefs, favorite things, places and time

- express your opinion and share own experience in simple way

- discuss the topics related to basic themes (see the section Modules)

- communicate with others in simple Latvian.


We will work on the following themes (or Modules

1. Prieks iepazīties. Studenti un profesori.

2. Intereses. Grāmatas un kino.

3. Dzimšanas dienas un vārda dienas ir svarīgas.

4. Valodas un tautības. Mana dzimtene un ģimene. 

5. Orientēšanās pilsētā un ceļojumi.


We will work on the following grammar topics:

1. Nouns: genders, declination groups, cases (Nominative, Locative, Accusative, and Dative)

2. Adjectives: genders, declination groups, cases (Nominative, Locative, Accusative, and Dative)

3. Pronouns (Personal, Possessive) 

4. Verbs (Simple Present, Past and Future)

5. Numerals (Cardinal, Ordinal)

6. Questions 

During the course we will use three learning materials.


Klēvere-Velhi, I., Naua, N. (2012) Latviešu valoda studentiem. Mācību līdzeklis latviešu valodas kā svešvalodas apguvei. Rīga: LVA. (Studentiem) This will be our main textbook! :) 

Auziņa, I., Berķe, M., Lazareva, A., Šalme, A. (2014) A1 Laipa. Latviešu valoda. Mācību grāmata. Rīga: LVA (Laipa)

Online learning material: (Links to an external site.) (eLaipa) This interactive material will be useful for repeating and strengthening language skills.

N.B. You will find scanned fragments of the textbooks and textbook-related audio files in each module. 

To successfully complete the first quarter of the course, you need

- to actively participate during online classes (e.g., answer questions, fulfill tasks, work as a team)

- to pass regular small oral, written, and multimedia assignments

- to pass a weekly test (grammar, vocabulary, oral tasks)

- to pass the Midterm exam. 

N.B. You will be informed about all assignments and necessary tasks during online classes and in the Announcements section. 


Questions?  Write email to me:> 

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Fundamentals of Latvian language in order to develop reading and comprehension proficiency. Completion of all three quarters does not meet the foreign language requirement. Offered: A.
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