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Marjaneh Bakhtiari

Friday, December 8, 2006 - 3:30pm

Sweden’s Desperate Hunt for Diversity

Marjaneh Bakhtiari
Author and Critic

From the courtyards of multiracial housing projects to the backseats of immigrant-driven taxis, never have Swedish journalists been more eager to depict their nation’s new demographic reality. But what assumptions about religion, culture and language lie hidden behind this newfound obsession with multiculturalism?

Bakhtiari’s debut novel, Kalla det vad van du vill (Call It Whatever You Like), chronicles the lives of two Malmö families, Irandoust and Sundén, who meet when their two teenagers begin dating. In scenes alternately absurd and touching, Bakhtiari shines the spotlight on both “new” and “old” Swedes alike.

Swedish-language radio journalism by Bakhtiari:

Critique of “Mohammeds Taxi”, a TV program about integration

Analysis of state radio’s outreach efforts in Rosengård

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