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This archive contains events that occurred prior to September 2015. For more recent events, please see our new Events Calendar.

Image Title Date and Time Location
Faculty Meeting Dec 04, 2015 RAI 314
Faculty Meeting Nov 06, 2015 RAI 314
Faculty Meeting Oct 02, 2015 RAI 314
Icelandic Band to Bring Beautiful Music to the Nordic Heritage Museum Jul 23, 2015 Nordic Heritage Museum
Midsommer Celebration with the Nordic Heritage Museum at the Ballard Farmer’s Market – Bergen Place Jun 21, 2015 Nordic Heritage Museum
2015 Graduation Reception Jun 11, 2015 University of Washington Club - The Cascade Room
“Problems in Mythological Reconstruction: Thor, Thrym, and the Story of the Hammer over the Course of Time”
Professor Aurelijus Vijūnas
Jun 09, 2015 Raitt Hall 314
Faculty Meeting Jun 05, 2015 RAI 314
The Patricia L. Conroy Memorial Lecture: Wise Women, Witches and Giantesses
Jóhanna Katrin Friðriksdottir
May 21, 2015 301 Gowen Hall
Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Dancers The Seattle May 17, 2015 Seattle Central Library
17th of May Parade in Ballard May 17, 2015 Ballard
The Merry Baker of Riga
Boris Zemtzov
May 06, 2015 Savery Hall 132
Faculty Meeting May 01, 2015 RAI 314
Cantus Choir from Norway Apr 27, 2015 Plymouth Congregational Church – 6th & University, Seattle
Southern California's 41st Scandinavian Festival Apr 18, 2015 to Apr 19, 2015 CLU Campus, Thousand Oaks, CA
Celebrate the 75th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Apr 16, 2015 Nothwest Danish Association Harmony Hall
Landscapes of Estonia
Robert Smurr
Apr 09, 2015 Savery Hall 136
Faculty Meeting Apr 03, 2015 RAI 314
Challenges to Freedom of Expression in a Changing World
Desiree Ohrbeck
Mar 26, 2015 Nordic Heritage Museum
Jewels of Sibelius Mar 15, 2015 BRECHEMIN AUDITORIUM, UW Music BLDG
Cancelled - Faculty Meeting  Mar 06, 2015 RAI 314
LEGO Photographer Artist Vesa Lehtimäki from Hesinki Will Be Visiting Seattle to Take Part in the Art Exhibition Opening, “In LEGO, We Connect.” Mar 05, 2015 Bryan Ohno Gallery
Terrorism and the Graphic Novel
Henrik Rehr
Mar 03, 2015 SAVERY 138
Cultivating Creativity Across Cultures
Iain Robertson, UW-Bergen Exchange Program Scholar and Honors Program Faculty
Mar 02, 2015 UW Club Conference Room
Mr. Tanel Sepp Discussion on NATO, Russia, and 21st Century Atlanticism
Mr. Tanel Sepp
Feb 20, 2015 Communications Building, Room 218d
Department Scholarship Applications Due Feb. 13th Feb 13, 2015 Raitt Hall 314, Main Office
Faculty Meeting Feb 06, 2015 RAI 314
Fulbright Arctic Initiative Application Deadlines Feb 02, 2015
Faculty Meeting Jan 16, 2015 RAI 314
Danish Christmas Service - Lille Juleaften Invitation  Dec 23, 2014 St. John United Lutheran Church
Finnish Folk Fiddling Legends: Arto and Antti Järvelä in Concert Dec 13, 2014 Phinney Neighborhood Center Community Hall
The AIDS crisis and Cultural Amnesia: Male Homosexuality in Swedish Literature 
Timothy Warburton
Dec 10, 2014 Raitt Hall 314
Elevating the Ugly: Lars von Trier's Anti-Aesthetics and the Filmic Image
Pétur Valsson
Dec 08, 2014 Raitt Hall, Room 107
Lucia Celebration at the Swedish Club Dec 07, 2014 Swedish Club
Faculty Meetings Dec 05, 2014 RAI 314
Faculty Meetings Nov 07, 2014 RAI 314
2014 Undergraduate Orientation Sessions
Ia Dübois
Nov 05, 2014 HUB 340
St. Martin’s Eve Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Baltic Way Oct 25, 2014 Latvian Hall
Study Abrod Fair Oct 23, 2014 HUB Ballroom
Photo of Associate Professor, School of Drama UW, Scott Magelssen Whiteness in Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Project
Associate Professor, School of Drama UW, Scott Magelssen
Oct 22, 2014 Raitt 314
Showing of Sami Daughter Joik (2007) by Swedish Filmaker Liselotte Wajstedt
Professor Anna Stenport Introduces and Leads Discussion of Film
Oct 17, 2014 SAV 260
Changes in the Arctic: Old and New Debates
Astrid Ogilivie
Oct 17, 2014 PCAR 192
Charlie Chan is Swedish: Warner Oland, Asian Racial Masquerade, and the Nordic Other in Classical Hollywood
Professor Arne Lunde
Oct 15, 2014 Raitt 314
The Moo-Moo-Moomintrolls of Tove Jansson
Lotta Gavel Adams
Oct 13, 2014 Nordic Heritage Museum
Blueberry Soup: A Documentary About Rewriting the Icelandic Constitution Oct 09, 2014 William H. Gates Hall, Room 127
Faculy Meetings Oct 03, 2014 RAI 314
Small States Summer School in Reykjavik 2014 Jun 23, 2014 to Jul 05, 2014
Graduation Cap 2014 Graduation Reception Jun 12, 2014 Main Dining Hall, University of Washington Club
Iceland & Latvia: The Financial and Human Crisis
Hilmar Hilmarsson
Jun 10, 2014 Nordic Heritage Museum
Summer Program in Applied Literary Translation Jun 09, 2014 to Sep 05, 2014


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