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Graduate of the department and Affiliate Assistant Professor Paul Norlen, Ph.D. has been awarded the 25th annual American-Scandinavian Foundation Translation Prize for his English rendition of portions of A Toast to Your Ashes: The Life of the Poet Bellman from Beginning to End by the Swedish author Ernst Brunner. The committee praised him for being “always accurate and extremely knowledgeable” and said “the English version is as entertainingand gripping as the Swedish original.” Mr. Norlen’s translation already has... Read more
The UK newspapers The Guardian and New Statesman have given glowing reviews to a new translation of Hans Christian Andersen by Tiina Nunnally, an affiliate member of the Department’s faculty. The Guardian calls Nunnally’s translation of Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen (to be published in the USA in March 2005 by Viking Penguin) “wonderfully apt, managing to catch [... Read more
Jens Lund, a folklorist and Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department has been awarded the 2004 Benjamin A. Botkin Prize by the American Folklore Society. The Botkin Prize is awarded yearly to an individual for “outstanding achievement in public folklore.” Lund was awarded this prize “for his legacy of positively affecting the lives of thousands of everyday people through his work in documenting community tradition-bearers across our nation.” His colleagues have identified him as”a model for the essential... Read more
BALSSI 2004 students
The Eleventh Annual Baltic Studies Summer Institute offered intensive Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian language courses during summer 2004 on the UW campus. BALSSI also included English-language courses about Baltic history and culture, as well as rich cultural enhancement programs. Learn more about UW’s Baltic Studies Program.
The Department hosted a reception to honor the one Ph.D., two MA, 31 BA and five BA Minor degrees conferred to students.
Career Fair 2004
The first annual Scandinavian & Baltic Career Fair helped students maximize their collegiate and financial potential and bridge the gap between college and their future career. Participants included: IKEA, Scandinavian Cultural Exchange, NW Danish Foundation, Nordic Heritage Museum, Swedish Cultural Center, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Department of Scandinavian Studies and Baltic Studies, International Programs & Exchanges. From left: Esther Foote, Dean of Undergraduate Education George Bridges, Alison Johnston, Reinier Voorwinde, and David Lilleness. If your business/... Read more
Panelists appearing in "The Baltic in the 21st Century"
Three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, entered the European Union and the NATO Alliance in 2004. Do external threats to political security exist? Will there be economic growth? What are the destabilizing factors as European borders disappear? In the program “The Baltic in the 21st Century,” broadcast on the Research Channel, a panel of four leading Baltic Studies scholars project the political, economic, social, and cultural developments in the region. See it now via streaming video, and for... Read more
The University of Washington’s Swedish Studies Program is one of the two best in the world, according to the Swedish Institute in Stockholm. This award recognizes the UW Swedish program’s outstanding efforts in promoting the Swedish language and culture outside of Sweden. The program provides “American students the opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in Swedish society and culture within their (collegiate) majors.” Particularly cited were UW Associate Professor Lotta Gavel Adams and Senior Lecturer Ia Dübois, both... Read more
Tiina Nunnally, affiliate member of the faculty, has won the prestigious Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, Britain’s leading award for novels translated into English. She was awarded for her translation of Per Olov Enquist’s The Visit of the Royal Physician. Nunnally is considered the foremost translator of Scandinavian literature to English. She won the PEN translation prize for her rendering of Sigrid Undset’s Nobel Prize winning novel Kristen Lavransdatter in 2001.... Read more