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Andrew Nestingen
October 27, 2017
“I am excited,” “I am inspired,” “I can’t wait!” That is what faculty wrote when we asked them about the new academic year. Hitting a similar note, our graduate students also found excitement and energy in their work. The faculty’s and students’ words make clear why the department works together so well. We are united in an intellectual community with shared goals of learning about the Nordic and Baltic countries' culture and history, and we want to share our knowledge with others. One of the... Read more
Photo of Amanda Doxtater
October 27, 2017
We asked our faculty, “What are you excited about doing in 2017-18?” Our faculty are publishing books, conducting original research, teaching new courses, and serving as leaders at the UW and in Scandinavian and Baltic studies. We are so proud of all they have accomplished, and look forward to learning from them during the next year! Amanda Doxtater Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about starting as Assistant Professor of Scandinavian and Pro-Tem Barbro Osher Chair in Swedish... Read more
Photo of Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara
October 26, 2017
The visiting lecturers in our department are passionate about language, and have devoted their careers to teaching it. Each of them have come to the UW as holders of visiting lectureships, paid for by both the government of their respective countries and the UW. Their term at the UW may be up to five years. This year, we have three new lecturers, and two who have taught at the UW for one year.  So  we thought it would be good to start out with some questions about their passion for language,... Read more
Photo of Connie Amundson
October 26, 2017
Earning a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in graduate school is famously challenging: demanding seminars, tens of thousands of pages of reading, exams, and a final 200-page term paper (The Dissertation),, which is expected to be an “original contribution to knowledge.”  These challenges inspire our incredible graduate students.We asked them, “ What was your most inspiring moment in 2016-17?” Their responses are amazing. They are filled with “Aha” moments, realizations, personal growth, increasing... Read more
Photo of Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) Gavel Adams
October 26, 2017
Forget whatever you think you know about retirement: Our emeriti faculty bring the same zing and passion to life after the UW, as they did to their students, colleagues and research. UW faculty have the right to continue to teach at forty percent (two courses annually), after retiring. Many of our faculty have taken the 40% option. But they are also travelling, lecturing, writing, publishing, and farming… We asked our emeriti faculty, “What are you excited about in 2017-18?” Ann-Charlotte (... Read more
Photo of Michael Biggins
October 26, 2017
Books can ruin your life. They can save it. They can change it. When you read a book, the thoughts that follow can transform your view of the world. A library is filled with millennia of such transformative words, sentences, ideas and thoughts. The UW Libraries have some 150,000 volumes of Scandinavian and Baltic material on the shelves. The department is privileged to have Baltic (and Slavic) librarian Michael Biggins and Nordic Studies librarian Dan Mandeville working to maintain and... Read more
Photo of Birthe Hoffmann
October 9, 2017
German Studies in Denmark: Obligations, Possibilities and Co-operations Birthe Hoffmann, University of Copenhagen & Adam Paulsen, University of Southern Denmark will give a brief outlook on the situation of German Studies in Denmark today, followed by some examples of research and teaching topics that explore cultural relations between Denmark and Germany. They will conclude with a glimpse into two interconnected research fields, that we have recently contributed to:... Read more
UW President Ana-Mari Cauce
September 9, 2017
September 5, 2017 Today we learned that the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will come to an end in six months unless there is legislative action to protect it. This decision could have extremely serious consequences for students on all three of our campuses who are an integral part of our community. I want to reassure every affected person that if DACA ends, the University of Washington will do everything within its power to minimize the disruption to your lives... Read more
June 13, 2017
The Department of Scandinavian Studies proudly announces that Elena Donaldson has been awarded the Dean’s Medal 2017 in the Humanities.  Elena is a triple major in Swedish, Sociology and Communication, including a minor in Diversity. She has completed this feat within the regular four-year undergraduate period and with a GPA of 3.98.  Elena is a Phi Beta Kappa and also was invited into Alpha Kappa Delta—an international sociology honors organization. She also devoted time to studies at the... Read more
Eriks Esenvalds
May 17, 2017
Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds told the story of his journey to the north,and the people of Norway, Finland, Sápmi, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Greenland, and Alaska whose songs and stories are woven into the symphony. Conductor Richard Nance traced the symphony’s path to its North American premiere at Pacific Lutheran University in March 2017. (Photo from left to right: Baltic Studies Professor Guntis Smidchens, Adjunct Assistant Professor Heather MacLaughlin Garbes, Latvian composer Ēriks... Read more