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Professor Andrew Nestingen has been appointed as the new Chair of the Department of Scandinavian Studies effective July 1, 2015. Andy joined the department in 2001 as professor of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies with a research specialization in film and cinema studies.
Norway is often referred to as one of the best places on earth to be a mother. Why? In this course, we will read and write about how mothers and fathers are depicted in a variety of sources, including short stories, poems, newspaper articles, a feminist tract, a film, and a reality television episode. All of these works –taken from the period between 1885 and 2015 grapple with the themes, philosophies, and social constructs of the modern Norwegian family. Sources will be in Norwegian. NORW 312 flyer (PDF)
On Thursday, April 16th, the Royal Danish Guards Association, the Northwest Danish Association, the Danish Club, the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #29 and the Danish Sisterhood, as well as faculty and students in the Danish Program celebrated the 75th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at the Northwest Danish Association Harmony Hall. Close to 75 happy guests, including a group of very happy childern, enjoyed wonderful refreshments from caterer Lori Barber and Danish birthday cake from Larsen Bakery. Thank you to the Danish community, the NWDA, the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #29,... Read more
Sofi Oksanen, author of When The Doves Disappeared/
Sofia Oksanen is a Finnish writer with Estonian roots and author of "Purge" that has sold over million copies world wide. Her new book “When the Doves Disappeared” was translated by Seattle based UW alumna Lola Rogers. On the eve of her latest novel’s publication in English, the Finnish publishing sensation talks about divided families, the double occupation of Estonia and ‘Putin’s poodles’. For more information:  
Former Estonian TA Mall Pesti has published and is a co-translator of the first book of Estonian children’s poems in English – Siilid ja pingviinid. Hedgehogs and Penguins. The 22 poems, printed in both in English and Estonian, represent nine well-known Estonian authors: Juhan Liiv, Viivi Luik, Heljo Mänd, Ellen Niit, Hando Runnel, Ilmar Trull, Leelo Tungal, Jaanus Vaiksoo and Peeter Volkonski. A CD is included with poems recorded in both languages. Mall Pesti is a renowned specialist on Estonian as a foreign language pedagody. She has co-authored the popular Estonian language textbooks E... Read more
In the early 1900’s, Nordic women were among the first women in the world to gain the right to vote and participate fully in public life as intellectuals, cultural critics and writers.   In the first half of the 20th century, modern women writers of the Nordic region often figured as public intellectuals who engaged in debates on women’s new political status as well as on a range of other issues.    Taking Karen Blixen (“Isak Dinesen”) as a central focus, this course will examine Dinesen’s work in relation to that of other modern Nordic women writers such as Astrid Lindgren, Aino Kallas, and... Read more
What is Finnish like among the languages of the world? How and why has Finnish become what is it? A language of which J.R.R. Tolkien said: "Studying Finnish was like discovering a wine-cellar filled with bottles of amazing wine of a kind and flavor never tasted before. It quite intoxicated me." Offered: Spring 2015 SCAND 342 A flyer (PDF)  
Professor Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams, holder of the Barbro Osher Endowed Chair of Swedish Studies, was elected to be a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities on February 3, 2015.  The Royal Swedish Academy is the oldest Learned Society in Sweden, founded by Queen Lovisa Ulrika in 1753. The Academy supports research in Philology, Literature, and History, and serves as a steward for  Cultural Treasures in Sweden.  Professor Gavel Adams was honored as a corresponding member. More on the website  www.... Read more
Undergraduate Academic Affairs highlights Mitchell Krawczyk, who is taking Danish 102 taught by Graduate Student Kevin Jenson. To learn more about Mitchell's successes at the University of Washington, check out the full story here:
The Society of Slovene Literary Translators has named UW affiliate professor and Slavic librarian Michael Biggins as the recipient of its annual Janko Lavrin Prize, awarded each year for lifetime distinguished contributions to furthering Slovene literature abroad.  Biggins is the translator of more than fifteen major, book-length works of 20th- and 21st-century Slovene literature. The public award ceremony will be held on June 11, 2015, at 8:00pm in the Štih auditorium of the Cankar Arts Center (... Read more