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Andris Rogainis

Former President, Advisory Board
Andris Rogainis


Andris Rogainis served as President of the Advisory Board from March 2011 to March 2014. He graduated from UW in 1959 with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and started a long career with Boeing. The sixties offered many challenges and at Boeing it meant exploring new developments in missile technology and electronics. These challenges and opportunities opened the door to assignments at Cape Canaveral for the initial Minuteman missile launches, Saturn rocket testing at Huntsville, Alabama and support of Lunar Orbiter map[ping project at NASA Langely Research Center. Roganis also spent several years on the 777 airplane program. Since retirement, Roganis has worked on the Baltic Program Support Committee to plan, organize and conduct fund-raising. He also served five years on the Board for the American Latvian Association as director of information, publicity and membership.