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Desiree Ohrbeck

Member, Advisory Board
Former Visiting Lecturer of Danish
Desiree Ohrbeck


M.A. University of Copenhagen, 2005

Desiree Ohrbeck earned her master’s degree in Danish from University of Copenhagen in 2005. In her Thesis, she specialized in classical short story theories and its usefulness on newer short story prose In Danish literature. During her studies and professional teaching career, Desiree has further focused on sociolinguistics and how language is used as a mark of identification. She has been teaching Danish to foreigners since 2002 where she taught phonetics at the Pedagogical University of Tallinn, Estonia.

In the past 5 years, Desiree has taught at several higher educational Institutions in Greater Copenhagen, including the Danish Technical University. Further, Desiree has been used as external consultant on several EU sponsored language programs.