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Gunnar Damström

Acting President and CEO, Autopro Automation Consultants, Ltd.; Member, Advisory Board


Gunnar Damström attended Brobergska Samskolan, middle and high school in Helsinki, graduating in 1963. He graduated with a MS from the Helsinki University of Technology Department of Chemistry in 1970. He is a professional engineer registered under the laws of the State of Washington. In 1978 he moved with his family to the US on assignment from his Helsinki employer, EKONO Inc. In 1988 two colleagues and he formed Autopro Automation Consultants, Ltd. a consulting engineering firm specializing in process automation and electrical engineering. Gunnar is acting as president and CEO of that company. Gunnar’s wife is Ann Christine and sons Stefan and Joachim Damström. Gunnar is a board member of the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) and an officer with the Swedish Finn Historical Society (SFHS). He is the editor-in-chief of the Quarterly, published by SFHS and Newsletter, a web paper published by FACC.