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A summer language and culture program

Taught onsite in Copenhagen, this UW program explores Denmark's role in today's globalizing world. This 12-credit intensive course engages four academic disciplines: Sociology, Cinema Studies, Literature, and Architecture to explore Denmark in Europe today.

Denmark, known for social equity and humanitarianism, offers a distinct Scandinavian approach to the challenges of migration and diversity which currently face all of Europe. The course investigates Danish political and social institutions as well as built environments in this context. The course also explores expressions of migration and diversity in contemporary literature and cinema.

The program engages the city of Copenhagen as the classroom in which students acquaint themselves with Danish culture and urban life. Additionally, the program will take students to visit significant cultural sites around the country.

The program's four one-week modules are taught in English by dynamic UW faculty and Danish guest speakers. Students also participate in a three-week intensive Danish Language course, at the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels taught by Danish faculty at the University of Copenhagen.

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