Baltic Studies Program

Associate Professor Guntis Smidchens

In autumn of 1994, the University of Washington Scandinavian Department, with support from the Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, began teaching the languages of the three Baltic States, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian at multiple levels. Language instruction is at the core of the growing Program in Baltic Studies. This program is also developing in other areas. Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian materials are included in numerous courses. Prominent speakers on Baltic topics are regularly brought to the University for guest lectures and consultation with faculty and students. Outstanding students receive financial support for exchanges to Baltic universities.

During academic year 2012-13, we will be offering beginning level Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian language classes. Interested parties who are not University of Washington students, can register and pay for these courses through the non-degree program.

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Baltic Language Courses

Language courses are offered annually, in a series taught over three academic quarters (Autumn, Winter and Spring):

  • Estonian: ESTO 101, 102, 103; ESTO 201, 202, 203
  • Latvian: LATV 101, 102, 103; LATV 201, 202, 203; LATV 310
  • Lithuanian: LITH 101, 102, 103; LITH 201, 202, 203
  • Language instruction continues with Supervised Readings in Estonian (ESTO 490), Supervised Readings in Latvian (LATV 490), and Supervised Readings in Lithuanian (LITH 490). LATV 310, "Topics in Latvian Literature and Culture," may be taken twice, for a total of ten credits. 

Baltic courses taught in English

The Baltic Program Fund was established in December of 1994 to supplement the new program's budget. Fundraising is underway to build the Endowment for the Baltic Program, which will finance future Baltic course offerings and ensure a permanent program in Baltic Studies at the University of Washington.

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