The Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington offers both an undergraduate major and a minor in Norwegian, as well as opportunities for students to continue their study of Norwegian language, literature, culture, and society on the graduate level while working toward the M.A. and the Ph.D. in Scandinavian Studies. A broad array of courses are offered, including a four-year program in language and literature, as well as a survey of Norwegian literary and cultural history and specialized courses on such writers as Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun. Students majoring in Scandinavian Area Studies may select Norwegian as their language of emphasis.

Faculty in This Area

Assistant Professor
Affiliate Associate Professor
Professor; Director, Center for West European Studies; Chair, Hellenic Studies Program
Professor of Scandinavian Studies, Sverre Arestad Endowed Chair in Norwegian Studies
Professor Emeritus and Former Department Chair

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Former Graduate Student, Former Ruth Kielland-Leif and Sophie Løvdal Fellow
Master of Arts (MA)
Assistant Professor
Affiliate Associate Professor
Professor; Director, Center for West European Studies; Chair, Hellenic Studies Program
Master of Arts, Spring 2010
Former Lecturer
Professor of Scandinavian Studies, Sverre Arestad Endowed Chair in Norwegian Studies
Nordic Studies Librarian/Assistant Instruction Coordinator
Graduate Student, On Leave
Graduate Student, 2014-2015 Ruth Kielland-Leif and Sophie Løvdal Fellow, On Leave
Graduate Student, On Leave
Professor Emeritus and Former Department Chair
Graduate Student


Publications, Essays



Title Date Time Location
“Problems in Mythological Reconstruction: Thor, Thrym, and the Story of the Hammer over the Course of Time”
Professor Aurelijus Vijūnas
Jun 9 9:00am to 11:10am Raitt Hall 314
17th of May Parade in Ballard May 17 Ballard
Cantus Choir from Norway Apr 27 7:00pm Plymouth Congregational Church – 6th & University, Seattle


Title Date Time Location
Whiteness in Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Project
Associate Professor, School of Drama UW, Scott Magelssen
Oct 22 1:30pm Raitt 314
Showing of Sami Daughter Joik (2007) by Swedish Filmaker Liselotte Wajstedt
Professor Anna Stenport Introduces and Leads Discussion of Film
Oct 17 7:00pm SAV 260
Changes in the Arctic: Old and New Debates
Astrid Ogilivie
Oct 17 3:30pm to 5:00pm PCAR 192
Ph.D. Pre-dissertation Colloquium
Sabina Ivenas
Jun 2 1:30pm THO 234
Dissertation Defense
Maren Anderson Johnson
May 29 3:30pm to 5:20pm RAI 314
Falling Bodies: On Masterbuilder Solness and other Ibsen stories
Astrid Sather, University of Oslo
May 28 12:30pm to 2:20pm CLK 120
Excess and Asceticism in Norwegian Cabin Culture
Ellen Rees
May 27 3:30pm SAV 137
Milestone Syttende Mai Celebration at Nordic Heritage Museum May 17 10:00am Nordic Heritage Museum
What Does the New Norwegian Government Tell Us About Change in Norwegian Society
Per Selle
May 8 7:30pm Norwegian Commercial Club
Folk, Fiddle & Fjord: Music from the Heart of Norway Mar 22 8:00pm Saint Mark’s Cathedral
Celebrate Norwegian Heritage at Leif Erikson Lodge Mar 22 8:00am to 4:00pm Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001 Sons of Norway
Leif Erikson Lodge Dinner and Scholarship Event Jan 25 6:00pm


Title Date Time Location
17th of May Parade May 17 Ballard, Washington
"Labor Yields: Norwegian Economic Management in the 21st Century" Apr 23 4:00pm to 6:00pm University of Washington Club Conference Room
The Norwegian Ladies Chorus of Seattle invites You to Their Annual Fishcake and Meatball Dinner Apr 14 4:00pm to 8:30pm Leif Erikson Lodge
Cold Recall Poster Exhibit Apr 4 to Apr 30 Allen Library Lobby
Intricate Paper Cutting Exhibit from Danish-Nor​wegian Artist Mar 22 2:00pm Nordic Heritage Museum
Norwegian Male Chorus of Seattle Mar 10 5:30pm Leif Erikson Lodge
Nobel Peace Prize Forum   Mar 8 to Mar 10 Augsburg College & University of Minnesota West Bank
Nordic Cool 2013 (February 19th - March 17th) at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. Mar 2 to Mar 4 The Kennedy Center
Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series and Smörgåsbord Feb 10 to Jun 2 The Nordic Heritage Museum
Bad Art Makes Good - Adventures in Thinking and Making Feb 7 6:00pm to 9:00pm Nordic Heritage Musuem
Crab feed with Silent and Dessert Auctions for Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001, Sons of Norway, Educational Foundation Jan 26 6:00pm Leif Erikson Hall


Title Date Time Location
Talk by Former Graduate Student and Current Visiting Lecturer, Kyle Korynta
Kyle Korynta, Visiting Lecturer
Oct 24 3:30pm to 4:15pm Raitt Hall, Room 116
Vikings Invade Ballard! Aug 18 9:00am Nordic Heritage Museum (in Ballard)
17th of May Festival - Syttende Mai May 17 6:00pm


Title Date Time
17th of May - Syttende de Mai May 17 6:00pm


Title Date Time
Constitution Day Concert May 16 7:30pm
Sølvi Barber Apr 9 3:30pm
Arne Lunde Feb 27 12:30pm


Title Date Time
Kjetil Flatin Mar 10 6:15pm


Title Date Time
Bård Berg Nov 17 11:30am


Title Date Time
Cónan Mclemore Apr 22 2:55pm


Title Date Time
Katherine Hanson Dec 15 1:45pm
Marianne Stecher-Hansen & Tiina Nunnally Nov 14 1:35pm
Ánde Somby Oct 20 7:50pm
Odd Lovoll Oct 12 7:50pm
Ingrid Urberg May 4 7:40pm
Forum on Norwegian Peace Efforts Jan 12 12:05am


Title Date Time
Jan Sjåvik Nov 18 6:25pm
Orm Øverland Oct 28 1:10am
Syttende Mai 2004 May 17 7:15pm
Steinar Bryn May 5 7:15pm
Einar Jarmund Apr 19 7:00pm