The Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington offers both an undergraduate major and a minor in Swedish, as well as opportunities for students to continue their study of Swedish language, literature, culture, and society on the graduate level while working toward the M.A. and the Ph.D. in Scandinavian Studies. A broad array of courses are offered, including a four-year program in language and literature, as well as specialized courses on such writers as August Strindberg. Students majoring in Scandinavian Area Studies may select Swedish as their language of emphasis.

Faculty in This Area

Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Adviser
Barbro Osher Endowed Professor of Swedish Studies
Extension Lecturer (UW Educational Outreach)

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Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Adviser
Graduate Student, Swedish TA
Barbro Osher Endowed Professor of Swedish Studies
Graduate Student, On Leave, William and Ruth Gerberding Endowed Fellowship Recipient
Extension Lecturer (UW Educational Outreach)
Former Graduate Student and Swedish TA
Former Graduate Student
Nordic Studies Librarian/Assistant Instruction Coordinator
Graduate Student, Estonian TA, Swedish TA
Former Graduate Student, Swedish & Large Enrollment TA
Graduate Student, On Leave
Former Graduate Student





Title Date Time Meeting Location
Midsommer Celebration with the Nordic Heritage Museum at the Ballard Farmer’s Market – Bergen Place Jun 21 10:00am to 3:30pm Nordic Heritage Museum
LEGO Photographer Artist Vesa Lehtimäki from Hesinki Will Be Visiting Seattle to Take Part in the Art Exhibition Opening, “In LEGO, We Connect.” Mar 5 6:00pm Bryan Ohno Gallery


Title Date Time Meeting Location
Lucia Celebration at the Swedish Club Dec 7 3:00pm Swedish Club
Showing of Sami Daughter Joik (2007) by Swedish Filmaker Liselotte Wajstedt
Professor Anna Stenport Introduces and Leads Discussion of Film
Oct 17 7:00pm SAV 260
Charlie Chan is Swedish: Warner Oland, Asian Racial Masquerade, and the Nordic Other in Classical Hollywood
Professor Arne Lunde
Oct 15 1:30pm Raitt 314
Ph.D. Pre-dissertation Colloquium
Sabina Ivenas
Jun 2 1:30pm THO 234
Sweden in the Spotlight for March Mostly Nordic Concert Mar 23 4:00pm


Title Date Time Meeting Location
Luciafest at the Swedish Club Dec 8 3:00pm Swedish Club
The Swedish Club's Members & Friends Dinner Meeting Aug 14 5:30pm The Swedish Club
A Swedish Sojourn: Reflections on 13 years in a Swedish College Town
Susan Holmberg
May 17 2:00pm Raitt Hall Room 314
Memphis in May International Festival 2013 Salutes Sweden May 1 to May 31 Memphis
Swedish Finnish Historical Society Annual Luncheon Mar 9 11:00am Swedish Cultural Center
Nordic Cool 2013 (February 19th - March 17th) at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. Mar 2 to Mar 4 The Kennedy Center
Stockholm Summer School (Application Deadline) Mar 1 Online
Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series and Smörgåsbord Feb 10 to Jun 2 The Nordic Heritage Museum
Bad Art Makes Good - Adventures in Thinking and Making Feb 7 6:00pm to 9:00pm Nordic Heritage Musuem


Title Date Time Meeting Location
August Strindberg and Women
Eivor Martinus
Oct 9 3:30pm to 5:00pm Raitt Hall, Room 314
Vikings Invade Ballard! Aug 18 9:00am Nordic Heritage Museum (in Ballard)
MLA in Seattle Jan. 5 - 8, 2012 Jan 8 12:45pm


Title Date Time
2011 Lucia Festival at the Swedish Cultural Center Dec 11 2:00pm
Special Screening Event - Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal" Dec 2 4:30pm
Study Abroad in Sweden Information Session Dec 1 12:00pm
Swedish Author Steve Sem-Sandberg Reads from his new book Emperor of Lies Nov 17 6:00pm
Lecture on Selma Lagerlöf by Sofia Wijkmark in SAV 138 Oct 25 1:30pm
Stieg Larsson and Beyond Jun 2 1:30pm
Dr. Kåre Bremer, the President of Stockholm University, visits UW on May 26 May 26 6:30pm
August Strindberg's Dance of Death I Concert Reading Apr 12 7:00pm


Title Date Time
Lucia Celebration and the UW Swedish Club at the Swedish Cultural Center Dec 10 2:00pm
August Strindberg and the Occult Societies of Paris in the 1890s Dec 2 5:30pm
Cleaning Up the Elections - Jan Teorell at UW on Swedish Elections, 1719-1909 Nov 24 1:00pm
Sweden Week May 9 5:00pm
Ingmar Bergman's Landscapes: Shooting Locations and Metaphors Apr 26 4:00pm


Title Date Time
Changes in Swedish Corporate Culture: Topics in the Public Swedish Debate in the Wake of the Crisis Including Bonus Systems, Investment Legislations and Women on Boards Dec 1 5:30pm
"Leading Like a Woman!" Katarina G. Bonde Dec 1 11:00am
Post-Ethnic Identity in Swedish Literature May 19 7:00pm
Sweden's Controversial Prostitution Law Apr 8 6:00pm
Margareta Winberg Apr 7 2:30pm
Anne-Charlotte Harvey Mar 5 12:30pm


Title Date Time
60th Anniversary UW Lucia Concert Dec 5 1:30pm
Farnaz Arbabi Nov 20 1:30pm
Anna Westerståhl Stenport Feb 28 5:15pm


Title Date Time
Heidi von Born May 11 3:25pm
Lars Trägårdh & Henrik Berggren May 10 6:35pm


Title Date Time
Marjaneh Bakhtiari Dec 8 3:30pm
Sven Steinmo Apr 25 3:00pm
Hugh Beach Apr 19 2:50pm
Bertil van Boer Apr 5 2:50pm
Seattle Sweden Diabetes Awareness Day Apr 1 1:50pm


Title Date Time
Marilyn Johns Blackwell Nov 17 1:40pm
Paul Norlen May 14 7:45pm
Lars Vilks Apr 14 7:30pm
Jan Balbierz Jan 18


Title Date Time
Eva Sköld Westerlind Dec 2 12:05am
Mikael Niemi Nov 15 6:25pm
Lotta Gavel Adams Nov 9 12:10am
Green Tales for Nordic Kids Sep 15 to Dec 30