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Pétur Valsson, a doctoral student in the Department of Scandinavian Studies was named the "Nadia Christensen Scholar in Nordic Studies" for 2014-2015. The award is made in recognition of Mr. Valsson's outstanding academic and scholarly promis as judged by the department faculty. Pétur Valsson grew up in Reykjavík, Iceland. After completing his BA in History and Film Studies at the University of Iceland, he moved to New York where earned an MA degree in Film Studies at Columbia University. Wanting to focus his research on Scandinavian cinema, he joined the PhD program at the University of... Read more
Hilmar Thor Hilmarsson's Small States in a Global Economy Book Cover
Former Visiting Scholar Hilmar Hilmarsson published his book "Small States in a Global Econonomy - Crisis, Cooperation and Contributions", which includes Iceland, the Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries. Professor Ingebritsen also reviewed this book. More information about the book can be found on Amazon and the... Read more
Timothy Ryan Warburton successfully defended his dissertation on December 10, 2014.  The dissertation examined literary representations of male homosexuality in Swedish literature from 1968 to 2013 and focused on the AIDS crisis as a crucial turning point in the literary discourse.  It showed how the literary representations often contested the broader political and sociological narratives of homosexuality in Sweden, and made comparisons to similar developments in the US. Congratulations!
Please see the following link to read Liina-Ly's article titled "Post-Soviet Trauma in the Nordic Imagination: Occupation and Sex Trafficking in Purge and Lilya 4-Ever." Congratulations Liina-Ly!
Jan Ivar Sjåvik, Professor of Norwegian Languages and Literature in the Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington, retired on December 15, 2014 after having served the University for thirty-six years. Sjåvik, the author of four books and numerous scholarly articles on Norwegian and Scandinavian literature, served the last five years as Chair of the Department of Scandinavian Studies. A specialist in Norwegian literature and literary theory, Sjåvik helped introduce deconstruction criticism to Norway with a ground-breaking article published in Norway’s premier literary... Read more
On August 23, 1989, one million Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians joined hands in the "Baltic Way," a 700-kilometer human chain from Tallinn, Estonia, to Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. On October 25, 2014, Seattle Balts met at the Latvian Hall to celebrate that historic event's twenty five year anniversary. The three communities' choirs sang songs in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, then joined hands in a circle around the hall to sing "Baltic Awakening," a three-language song that was popular back in 1989. A high point in the evening came when Robert Wallace, a local descendant of... Read more
Bergen Hordal and Norway Vagen
Applications for University of Washington Faculty members interested in participating for the 2015-2106 Academic Year, can find forms on the following website.These are due December 15th.
Four Mariannes
pictured from left to right: Marianne Wirenfeldt Asmussen (former director of the Karen Blixen Museum and literary executor); Marianne Alenius (director of Museum Tusculanum Press) Marianne Stecher (UW professor) Marianne Stølen (UW alumna and former Visiting Danish Lecturer)   "Four Mariannes" celebrated together at the annual BOGFORUM (Book Fair) in Copenhagen Nov. 8th: each played a role in the publication of Marianne Stecher's new book, The Creative Dialectic in Karen Blixen's Essays. There were plenty of other book publications featured that weekend. But the four Marianne's... Read more
Life Skills to Live Well: Slow Food for a Fast World is a new collegium seminar course being taught in Winter Quarter. The Slow Food movement, as pioneered by Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food International, is a shift away from "modern," industrialized habits of dining and food preparation. This course will examine ways in which college students can take control of their diet, health, and impact on the world around them - both socially and ecologically - by simply slowing down the pace at which they approach life's fundamentals. This seminar also explores the space in between... Read more
Conference theme:  As stated on the Congress website, the 2015 overall Congress theme Capital Ideas, invites us to reflect on the power of ideas: ideas captivate our hearts and minds; ideas connect people and ignite discussions and debates; ideas create knowledge and spark discoveries. Ideas represent an invaluable currency capable of changing our lives and our world. We thus expect Congress 2015 to be an exciting intellectual hub where ideas will be expressed, shared and implemented! The theme also relates to the location of this year’s Congress host in the national capital. As... Read more