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It is with great sadness that we report the news of the death of Mikael(Mika) Steene, a former graduate student in the Department. He was 53 years old. Mikael Steene received his MA degree in Swedish studies in 1987. Subsequently earning law degrees from the University of Oregon and Stockholm University, Mikael pursued a career in law.  He was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1994, but chose to live and practice law in Stockholm where he worked as a corporate attorney for the Fortum Energy Company. Mikael Steene is survived by his wife, Åse, two children, Christian and Catherine, and... Read more
Explores the idea of environmentalism and sustainability across societies. Compares and contrasts how prominent authors in the field assess the risks and opportunities of human effects on climate and ecology. Questions explored include: will ecological solutions be critical to the revival of the global economy? Why do places such as Europe adapt more readily to environmental challenges? Join us for a discussion of Eco-Capitalism, the tension between markets and ecology, increasingly important to understanding globalization and the role of the EU and small natural resource dependent states... Read more
Visiting lecturer in Lithuanian Aušra Valančiauskienė 2014-2015 was my third year at University of Washington at the department of Scandinavian Studies. I have really enjoyed it! I taught Elementary Lithuanian (LITH 101; 102; 103)  and prepared  a new course LITH 201, 202 and 203. As always, I took delight in teaching beginners and seeing how they learn Lithuanian, growing more confident step by step. It was compelling to see how Second year students were improving their skills and learning new grammatical structures, building their vocabulary and becoming well-versed in more... Read more
Congratulations to Brittany Jae Lewis who earn her MA degree in Scandinavian Languages and Literature this Spring quarter 2015, with Swedish as a target language and a secondary emphasis on drama and film.   Britt successfully completed her written and oral exams, under the supervision of Professors Lotta Gavel Adams,  Ia Dubois, and Terje Leiren.  In addition to taking all the graduate seminars of the Scandinavian Studies Graduate Program, Britt also spent an academic year at Uppsala University during her graduate studies.   A fluent speaker of Swedish, Britt served as Teaching Assistant in... Read more
Congratulations to Kevin Jenson who earned the Masters of Arts degree in Scandinavian language and literature this Spring quarter 2015 with Danish language as the target language, and with a secondary emphasis in music, specifically Danish Jazz history. In order to earn the MA degree, Kevin successfully completed  written and oral MA exams, under the supervision of Professor Marianne Stecher. Professor of Music, Bertil von Boern, of Western Washington University also served on the committee as well as Professor Nestingen.  In addition to numerous graduate courses over the past 2 years,... Read more
At Congress 2015 for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa, Professor Marianne Stecher was the invited Keynote Speaker for the AASSC (Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada).   In response to the overarching conference theme "Capital Ideas," Professor Stecher delivered the Keynote on June 2nd:  "Liberating Ideas - Marriage, Morality and Nordic Women Writers at 1915:  Karen Blixen's 'On Modern  Marriage and Other Observations.'"     Through a competitive process, the AASSC had... Read more
The Latvian National Commition for UNESCO and the Latvian Language Agency in Rīga together with Latvia’s Ministry of Culture are organizing a competition titled ”Found in Translation-Rainis and Aspazija”.  In honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of both poets, 2015 has been declared ”Rainis and Aspazijas” year in Latvia.Participating in the ”Found in Translation – Rainis and Aspazija” competition will be five Baltic Studies program students currently studying Latvian at the Scandinavian Department of the University of Washington.  One of these five students will be awarded the main... Read more
Professor Andrew Nestingen has been appointed as the new Chair of the Department of Scandinavian Studies effective July 1, 2015. Andy joined the department in 2001 as professor of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies with a research specialization in film and cinema studies.
Norway is often referred to as one of the best places on earth to be a mother. Why? In this course, we will read and write about how mothers and fathers are depicted in a variety of sources, including short stories, poems, newspaper articles, a feminist tract, a film, and a reality television episode. All of these works –taken from the period between 1885 and 2015 grapple with the themes, philosophies, and social constructs of the modern Norwegian family. Sources will be in Norwegian.
On Thursday, April 16th, the Royal Danish Guards Association, the Northwest Danish Association, the Danish Club, the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #29 and the Danish Sisterhood, as well as faculty and students in the Danish Program celebrated the 75th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at the Northwest Danish Association Harmony Hall. Close to 75 happy guests, including a group of very happy childern, enjoyed wonderful refreshments from caterer Lori Barber and Danish birthday cake from Larsen Bakery. Thank you to the Danish community, the NWDA, the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #29,... Read more