Affiliate Associate Professor Katherine Hanson Honored with Anvil Award 

Submitted by Gregory R Pflaumer on
Katherine Hanson and Olav Hauge

Department Affiliate Associate Professor Katherine Hanson was awarded the Amboltprisen (Anvil Award) by the Friends of Olav H. Hauge Association on Sept. 5, 2021. The award recognizes extraordinary contributors to knowledge and promotion of awareness of the poetry of Norwegian poet Olav Hauge. 

Professor Hanson writes, "news that I was to be awarded the Ambolt Prize came as a complete surprise.  I am deeply honored to be recognized in this way for the work I have done on Olav H. Hauge’s poetry.  I received the Ambolt Prize on September 5, the same day Reidun Horvei, singer, Inger-Kristine Riber, composer & pianist, and I premiered RIT—a journey through the seasons of the year with Hauge’s poetry that combines music, song, recitation and artwork by Thomas Pihl.  Horvei, Riber and I are touring with RIT in towns and villages throughout Vestland and Rogaland counties until mid October, 24 performances in all. Audience response to our program has been enthusiastic and warm; I am overwhelmed by how beloved OHH and his poems are in these parts." 

Department faculty congratulate Professor Hanson on her receipt of the Ambolt Prize.