Academic Student Employees

Student employees working in support of research and instruction are subject to policies stated in the UW/UAW contract for Academic Student Employees (ASEs). For purposes of the labor agreement, an Academic Student Employee is an individual working in one of the defined classifications in Article 14, Job Titles and Classifications. The most recent information on the contract may be found at: UW/UAW Contract Introduction. The term “Salaried ASE” refers to an ASE who is appointed on a percentage FTE basis. Appointment percentages may vary, but are normally fifty percent (50%) for at least one academic quarter. The term “Hourly ASE” refers to an ASE who is engaged in projects or assignments for the University on an hourly basis.

Policies on workload, vacation and paid leave are included in this contract. Vacation and paid leave must be approved by the supervisor. Paid work in excess of the normal workload must be approved and coordinated in advance with the supervisor, Administrator, and Department Chair.

All students who receive financial support [fellowships or scholarships] but do not have specific work assignments and work products required of them (service expectancy), “casual” employees, and any ASE who will work less than 110 hours in one or more ASE classifications in a period of 12 calendar months are excluded from the ASE contract. For specifics on how to distinguish between time spent working as an ASE (service expectancy) versus time spent on a student’s own research towards academic progress, see the “Workload” section of the ASE contract.