Non-Degree Study

If you wish to register for a Scandinavian Studies course (including language classes), but are not a degree-seeking student, you are welcome to register as a nonmatriculated student. Such students register for courses and pay tuition, and may actively participate and complete all assignments and earn credits.

Another way to register for many Scandinavian Studies courses is as an auditor. ACCESS students are auditors. The Department of Scandinavian Studies follows the auditors’ policy of the University Registrar, as outlined on the Registrar’s website. 

Auditing is meant primarily for lecture courses, which carry the SCAND prefix. These courses are open to auditors and ACCESS students. Auditing a course requires acquiring an add code from the course instructor to register.  

DANISH, FINN, NORW, and SWED courses are not open to auditors. The communicative language pedagogy used to teach these courses is based on active student participation, and is not suited to passive auditing. In the case of 300-level courses, instructors may elect to admit all auditors who have met the pre-requisites. An add code is still required to register.  

ESTO, LATV, and LITH courses are open to all auditors. Students still need an add code issued by the course instructor to register. Please reach out to the course instructor to request an add code.  Visit our People page to find email addresses.

Updated: 7/6/2022