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Jarkko Sipilä
Renowned Finnish crime writer Jarkko Sipilä will visit the Puget Sound on Thursday, March 10th. Sipilä will speak to UW students at 1:30PM in Anderson Hall 223. Sipilä will also discuss his novels at ... Read more
Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn and PhD Student Liina-Ly Roos
Assistant Professor of Scandianvian Studies and Norwegian, Olivia Gunn, began her appointment at the UW in autumn quarter 2015. Olivia earned her PhD (2012) in comparative literature from the University of California at Irvine after completing a dissertation on Henrik Ibsen, Realism, and the French Symbolist theatre. She is originally from Seattle and was once a student in the department (BA in Norwegian, 2002). She is very happy to be home. What follows is an interview with Olivia by department Ph.D. student Liina-Ly Roos. Liina-Ly's research areas include Scandinavian and Baltic literature... Read more
Fulbright Fellow Julianne Yang and Professor Marianne Stecher
How has Swedish cinema represented Sweden's role in the Second World War? Julianne Yang will give a guest lecture in the Scandinavian Studies Department focusing on Swedish director Roy Andersson and his various efforts to critique Sweden's image as a neutral "bystander country" during the war. Andersson's short film "World of Glory" (1991) will be discussed in light of changing attitudes towards the war in Sweden and Europe during the early 1990s. The guest lecture will be held in the course SCAND 445/JSIS A 442: War and Occupation at 1:30PM  on Wednesday, February 10th in Thompson... Read more
Ivaska, Markkanen, Suokko, Borland, Hiukka, Nestingen
Finnish Consul General Juha Pekka ("JP") Markkanen visited the University of Washington's Finnish Program on Friday, 29 January 2016. Consul General Markkanen met with Dean of Arts and Sciences Robert Stacey, Divisional Dean of Humanities... Read more
The 2016 Kielland-Løvdal Fellowship has been awarded to Sabina Ivenäs, a graduate student in Scandinavian Studies, for her dissertation research on the "Literary Negotiation of Transnational Adoptee Identity." Sabina will be Kielland-Løvdal Fellow during winter and spring quarters, 2016, and will be using the fellowship to conduct research in Sweden. Congratuatlions Sabina!
Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe
Orientation Session: Thurs., Jan. 21, 3:30PM, Raitt Hall 314.  The UW's Comparative History of Ideas Program in cooperation with American Indian Studies Department and Scandinavian Studies offer UW students a study abroad program about the indigenous Sámi culture and connection to the land in Arctic Europe. You can earn CHID, AIS and SCAND credit by... Read more
Olivia Gunn
Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn's article "The Master Builder's Tragic Quotidian" was recently published in Ibsen Studies (15:1, 40-65). Ibsen is largely understood and staged as a realist, but Gunn shows how the connection betwen the Belgian symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck's essay "The Tragic Quotidian"  (“le Tragique Quotidien”) and Ibsen's late dramas might cause readers of Ibsen to think more about the place of symbolism in his work. The publication continues Professor Gunn's research... Read more
Julianne Yang
Guilt and Privilege in Twenty-First-Century Scandinavian Film and TV Julianne Q. M. Yang is a second-year PhD fellow from The University of Oslo doing research on contemporary Scandinavian cinema and TV. From January to March 2016, she is a Fulbright visiting graduate researcher at the Scandinavian Studies Department, where she will be working with Andrew Nestingen, among others. Yang's PhD research explores themes of guilt and privilege in twenty-first-century Scandinavian film and TV. It concentrate especially on narratives about citizens from the global North who... Read more
Eero Tetri and Terttu Gluckmann
Mr. Eero Tetri passed away on 9 January 2016. Eero was a great friend and supporter of Finnish Studies at the University of Washington. He established the Eero and Helli Tetri Endowment Fund for Finnish Studies, and also made a number of challenge grants to the Finnish community, which helped build the program’s endowment. Eero arrived in Seattle from Finland with his family during the 1950s, later moving to Juneau Alaska, where he established a successful Volkswagen dealership, which grew and spread over the years. As the story went, Eero arrived from Finland with only change in his pocket... Read more
Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe
The UW's Comparative History of Ideas Program in cooperation with American Indian Studies Department offers UW students a study abroad program about the indigenous Sámi culture and connection to the land in Arctic Europe. Courses in the program are cross-listed in Scandianvian Studies, as well. The program will bring students to the Norwegian side of Sápmi in order to study and... Read more