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Kristina Legangar Iversen
Reading ScanGuilt in contemporary poetry: The relationship between whiteness, privilege and guilt in Kristian Lundberg’s Vi är de döda, nu snart and Julie Sten Knudsen Atlanterhavet vokser Apr. 22, 2016 12:30PM  Raitt Hall 314 In Lundberg's and Sten-Knudsen’s works of poetry the relationship between the nation, privilege and guilt is set at the center stage. These works have in common that they narrate tales of lost dear ones, a refuge friend who commits suicide after being deported from... Read more
Ambassador Lyrvall and UW Scandinavian Studies Students
Swedish Ambassador to the United States Mr. Björn Lyrvall spoke to students at the University of Washington, Department of Scandinavian Studies, on Sweden in a Changing Europe on 5 April 2016. The Ambassador also met with students of Swedish, Scandinavian Studies Department faculty, and Dean of Arts and Sciences Robert Stacey and Dean of Humanities Michael Shapiro. Sweden is an important economic partner of Washington State. Swedish business activity in the state supports a total of 3,904 jobs, and 494 Washington jobs are supported by exports to Sweden. Commodity exports to Sweden from... Read more
The Faroese drunnur (dried sheep's tail)
Paganism, Genre, and Table Scraps: The Tale of Völsi and the Faroese drunnur Scholars have long since noted similarities between the Faroese custom called “sending the drunnur” (að senda drunn) and the supposedly pre-Christian ritual described in the 14th-century Icelandic “Tale of Völsi.” In one, a dried sheep’s tail is handed around the table; in the other, it’s a preserved horse penis that goes hand-to-hand. We can do more than simply note the obvious, however: Faroese sources can help us see how theauthor of Völsa þáttr made a convincing paganism out of preexisting genres... Read more
Dear Scandinavian Studies Students: We are pleased to announce the first annual Scandinavian Studies photo competition!  We know many of you have taken some outstanding photographs while studying abroad on our exchange programs or on independent trips to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Scandinavian countries. Here’s your chance to show off your best work and perhaps even win a gift certificate! Participation guidelines: You must be a student in active status at the University of Washington in order to be eligible to win. Photos must be taken by the applicant and depict or capture the... Read more
Jarkko Sipilä Speaks to Scandinavian Crime Fiction Students
Renowned Finnish crime writer Jarkko Sipilä spoke at the University of Washington and at Barnes & Noble (Bellevue) on 10 March 2016. Jarkko Sipilä is famous in Finland and abroad as the author of the “Helsinki Homicide" series of fifteen novels. He is also a television journalist on the Finnish Channel MTV3. Sipilä spoke about crime in contemporary Finland, the country's "seamy underside," about his entry into crime journalism and crime... Read more
Julianne Yang
Visiting Fulbright Graduate Student Julianne Yang delivered a collquium presentation on her dissertation project "Guilt and Privilege in Twenty-First-Century Scandinavian Film and TV" on Friday, 11 March 2016. The talk developed readings of Roy Andersson's films, the Internet series Sweatshop, and the films of Susan Bier, among others. The dissertation uses theories of the emotions, theories of globalization, and cultural and film studies methods to... Read more
Evan Wright
Evan Wright successfullly defended his PhD Dissertation Ploughshares to Processors -- An Ecological critique of Technology in Post-War Finnish and American Literature on 17 March 2016. The dissertation studies what Wright calls "symbolic ecologies" in Finnish, American, and Scandinavian literature since 1945, finding key similarities in their figurative repertoires. The dissertation studies in particular the way figurative language combines human activity, technology, the land, and the non-human. Such clusters of symbols make evident and construct salient notions about the... Read more
Ilmari Ivaska
The Society for the Study of Finnish (Kotikielen Seura) has awarded its Outstanding Dissertation Prize for 2016 to Finnish lecturer Ilmari Ivaska. Ivaska defended his dissertation in 2015 at the University of Turku, Finland. In the dissertation ”Edistyneen oppijansuomen konstruktiopiirteitä korpusvetoisesti: avainrakenneanalyysi” (’A Corpus-Driven Approach towards Constructional Features of Advanced Learner Finnish: Key Structure Analysis’), Ivaska studies linguistic use of automatic data mining methodologies and their applications to teaching and study of Finnish as a second language. Ivaska... Read more
Wade Hollingshaus
Wade Hollingshaus spoke on Finnish artist Erkki Kurenniemi on 25 February 2016. Kurenniemi has been a lively and provocative performance artist, musician, composer, filmmaker, early computer prograrmer, and inventor since the 1960s. He has built an archive of his activities and work, which seeks to record the totality of his life. On his 107th birthday, in 2048, Kurennienmi has given instructions that this acthival material be used to resurrect him as  a new consciousness. Hollinghaus' lecture... Read more
Liina-Ly Roos
The Estonian Program's PhD student Liina-Ly Roos organized a special celebration of Estonian Independence and the Estonian Song Festival in the Odegaard Library at the University of Washington on 24 Feburary 2016. The celebration also marked the opening of an exhibit of photographs in Odegaard from the Estonian National Song Festival, a choral fesival held in Tallinn, Estonia every five years, featuring a mass choir of some 30,000 participants. The... Read more