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Vil du gerne lære dansk?  Danish is a modern Scandinavian language closely related to Norwegian and Swedish.  Learning to read Danish is easy for English speakers – there are many cognates with English, German, and even French.  Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia and the North Atlantic, and Danish is officially the second language in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

We offer three levels of instruction in Danish at UW (beginning, intermediate and advanced). Each autumn quarter a new sequence of Danish starts with DAN 101. If you already speak some Danish, you may test into a higher level for Credit by Examination. As a UW student, you are encouraged to study in Denmark via UW Study Abroad and are eligible for a UW ScanDesign Fellowship and other scholarships, including the Gytel Scholarship and the Metzon and Nielsen Scholarships for Danish Studies.   

The Department of Scandinavian has an undergraduate major and minor in Danish. The Danish major offers a current European perspective on culture, gender, politics and society, as well as cinema, folklore, history and literature. The UW faculty in Danish consists of a full professor as well as a Visiting Lecturer in Danish.  

With admission to our Graduate Program, qualified students holding a BA may pursue the MA or PhD degree in Scandinavian Studies with an emphasis in Danish.

Are you interested in language resources and programs in Danish in the US and Canada?  Please visit DANA (Danish Academic Network in America).

Contact Professor Marianne T. Stecher, for further information about Danish by calling 206-543-6084 or

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