Adjunct and Affiliate Appointments

Department of Scandinavian Studies
Adjunct and Affiliate Appointments

Adjunct and affiliate appointments are made by the Department of Scandinavian studies to scholars at the UW (adjunct) with research and teaching interest in Scandinavia and a desire to contribute to the mission of the department. Affiliate appointments are made for scholars at other institutions, who have an interest in the UW Department of Scandinavian Studies and wish to contribute to its mission. Adjunct and affiliate appointments do not include voting rights or eligibility for tenure in the secondary department, and they are not remunerated in a formal way. These appointments are subject to annual renewal by faculty vote and approval by the College of Arts and Sciences Dean.

For faculty code on the definition of these appointments consult:


Adjunct and affiliate appointees are members of the department. They are expected to engage with department faculty and students through activities in the department, such as:

  • Attending departmental events and activities (lectures, recruitment events, colloquia, public events, such as the SCAND 30 lecture series)
  • Serving on ad hoc committees in the department, in which their expertise may enhance the committee
  • Delivering occasional guest lectures in undergraduate courses and graduate seminars
  • Serving on graduate committees for department students

The department wishes adjunct and affiliate appointees to play an active, concrete, and positive role in strengthening and enhancing the department’s research, teaching, DEI, and service missions. A long-term, substantive relationship is the goal of an adjunct or affiliate appointment.


Adjunct and affiliate appointees’ activities and reputations can diversify, advance, and deepen the intellectual work of the Department of Scandinavian Studies. Their contribution can help the department flourish, and also attract undergraduate and graduate students to the department. Adjuncts and affiliates benefit from the
appointment through access to department activities, and a formal recognition of their contribution. The appointment entails specific privileges (library access) and professional recognition.

Appointment Process

  1. A faculty sponsor for the appointee proposes the appointment to the department chair in a formal letter of nomination.
  2. The chair consults with faculty in the research areas of the proposed appointee and approves the initiation of the appointment process.
  3. The faculty sponsor gathers the following documents for the appointment:
    a) Prospective appointee’s letter of intent
    b) Letter of recommendation from a Department of Scandinavian Studies regular faculty member (solicited by the faculty sponsor)
    c) Two letters of recommendation (solicited by the prospective appointee)
    d) Prospective appointee’s CV
    e) Letter of support from the prospective appointee’s home department chair.
  4. The chair approves the application and forwards it to the faculty at least 7 days before the faculty meeting at which the case will be considered.
  5. Scandinavian Studies Faculty vote on the application in the executive session
    of the faculty meeting.
  6. If approved, the department chair contacts his or her counterpart at the prospective appointee’s home department and requests permission for the appointment to move forward.
  7. Scandinavian Studies Administrator submits the documentation packet to the College of Arts and Sciences, recommending appointment as adjunct or affiliate.

Renewal Process
Adjunct and Affiliate faculty appointments are subject to annual renewal by faculty vote. Adjunct and affiliate faculty receive a renewal reminder from the department and must confirm their wish to be reappointed by January 1. If they do not respond, this will be considered instruction that the appointment be concluded. The faculty will consider their request and engagement with the department in the annual vote on renewal.

Approved by faculty vote on 5/7/2021
Amended by Chair decision on 11/16/2021