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Danish Major Program

Danish Major: Bachelor of Arts Degree

A major in Scandinavian Studies offers UW undergraduates the learning experience of a small liberal arts college within a large public research university.  Classes at the advanced level are small and faculty members mentor students individually on their senior projects.  Students of Danish represent the diversity of the UW campus as well as the growing diversity of Danish society today. 

UW undergraduates majoring in Danish often complete double-majors (or double-degrees).  Students combine the Danish major with a variety of other majors, such as Cinema and Media Studies, Communications, English, History, International Studies (European Studies track), Political Science, and Psychology.  Many students complete double-degrees with a BA degree in Danish and a second degree in Architecture, Global Health, International Business, Environmental Engineering, or Music, to name a few.  Our graduates find that the undergraduate major in Danish or Scandinavian Studies makes their application to graduate school or the job market truly exceptional.

Major Requirements

The Danish major requires 65 credits.  These credits include 30 credits of first- and second-year Danish language; 15 credits (or three classes) of advanced Danish language; at least one 5-credit course in Scandinavian Literature in English translation; at least one 5-credit course in Scandinavian Area Studies; and a senior essay (5 to 10 credits).  When the Senior Essay is completed for only 5 credits, then an additional SCAND course at 300-level or above is required.

A)    30 Credits. Students complete first- and second-year training in Danish. Appropriate language study in Denmark can be transferred to the UW as DAN 199 or DAN 299.  Intermediate and advanced students may also take Credit by Examination

  • DAN 101-102-103 (15 credits) or DAN 199: Foreign Study (max. 15 credits)
  • DAN 201-202-203 (15 credits) or DAN 299: Foreign Study (max. 15 credits)

B)    10 credits of Advanced Danish courses in topics in culture and literature (taught in Danish) at the third-year level, selected from the following:

  • DAN 310:  Topics in Danish Short Story (5 credits, max. 15 credits)
  • DAN 311: Topics in Danish Literature & Culture (5 credits, max. 15 credits.)
  • DAN 312: Topics in the Danish Novel (5 credits, max. 15 credits)
  • DAN 399: Foreign Study - Topics in Danish Literature and Culture (max. 15 credits.)
  • DAN 490: Supervised Reading in Danish (max. 5 credits)

C)     5 credits.  At least ONE course in Scandinavian Literature in Translation, such as the following:

  • SCAND 232: Hans Christian Andersen and the Fairy Tale Tradition (5)
  • SCAND 312: Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature (5)
  • SCAND 335: Scandinavian Children’s Literature (5)
  • SCAND 367: Sexuality in Scandinavia: Myth and Reality (5)
  • SCAND 427: Scandinavian Women Writers (5)
  • SCAND 445: War and Occupation in the Nordic Region – History, Fiction, Memoir (5)
  • SCAND 462: Isak Dinesen and Karen Blixen (5)
  • SCAND 480: Kierkegaard and Decadence in European Literature (5)

D)     5 credits.  At least ONE course in Scandinavian Area Studies in cinema, history, folklore, mythology, or politics, such as the following:

  • SCAND 230: Introduction to Folklore (5)
  • SCAND 315: Scandinavian Crime Fiction and Cinema (5)
  • SCAND 326: Scandinavia in World Affairs (5)
  • SCAND 330: Scandinavian Mythology (5)
  • SCAND 351: Scandinavia, the EU and Global Climate Changes (5)
  • SCAND 360: Scandinavian Cinema (5)
  • SCAND 370: The Vikings (5)
  • SCAND 380: History of Scandinavia to 1720 (5)
  • SCAND 381: History of Scandinavia Since 1720 (5)

E)    5 credits.  Senior Capstone Project.  SCAND 498 are taken in the senior year to complete a senior capstone project on a topic concerning Danish cinema, folklore, history, politics, or Danish literature, under supervision of an appropriate faculty member.   Alternately, the student may complete the senior essay in one quarter (SCAND 498) and take one additional SCAND course in either literature or area studies at the 300-level or above.

Credits earned during Study Abroad in Denmark are applied to the major in consultation with UW Study Abroad and the Undergraduate Advisor. Course substitutions are made on approval of the Undergraduate Advisor.

Revised 12/14/2015