How do I know what level of language class to register for?

If you have no/very little previous experience with a Scandinavian or Baltic language, the best place to start is 101 or 111 fall quarter. Our 1st and 2nd year language courses are offered sequentially (101/111 is only offered in the fall, 102/112 in the winter and 103/113 in the spring). 

If you have previous experience studying a Scandinavian or Baltic language and wish to continue your studies through coursework at UW, but you are not certain which level of language suits you, you can schedule a conversation with the faculty in charge of your language program followed by a placement test. Most faculty do not work on campus during the summer, so you may need to wait until the start fall quarter to determine placement. Start by contacting the Scandinavian Studies main office, they will put you in touch with the right faculty.

Placement is exclusively available to UW students with demonstrated interest in continuing their language study in the Department of Scandinavian Studies. Students looking for proficiency tests, but not planning to study language at UW are referred to take their proficiency tests with