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Kielland-Løvdal Fellowship Awarded to Maren Anderson Johnson

Submitted by Jessica M Larsen on June 26, 2013 - 10:05am

Maren Anderson Johnson, a doctoral candidate in Norwegian studies, has been awarded the Ruth Kielland – Leif and Sophie Løvdal Fellowship for 2013-2014.   

Maren Anderson Johnson successfully passed her Ph.D. qualifying exams this past academic year and will be conducting research on questions of “literary genius” in Scandinavian literature while affiliated with the Ibsen Center at the University of Oslo. 

The most prestigious award the Department has to offer, the Kielland-Løvdal Fellowship supports dissertation research for up to a year by providing funds for living expenses, travel and research costs.  Graduate students in Norwegian or Swedish studies are eligible to receive the award which honors the life and work of three extraordinary individuals who meant so much to the generous donor of the endowment.