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Ph.D. Candidate Melissa Lucas Defends Dissertation

Submitted by Seth Sherwood on March 3, 2014 - 1:53pm

On February 27th, Melissa M. Lucas successfully completed the oral defense of her doctoral dissertation, "Digital Literary Arts -- Scandinavian E-Texts: Criticism, Theory, and Practice." The dissertation, supervised by Professor Marianne Stecher, explores Scandinavian Electronic Literature, which has emerged as a distinct digital and multi-modal literary art since the late 1980s.  An emerging trend in literature world-wide for the past quarter century, Melissa Lucas' dissertation investigates the theoretical discourses around "E-Lit" as well as specific Scandinavian E-Lit works, E-lit criticism, as well as Nordic institutions for the study of E-lit.   The dissertation argues that Scandinavian Electronic Literature occupies a significant and distinct position in this relatively new field in the broader context of the Digital Humanities.