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Alumna Mall Pesti Publishes a Book of Estonian Childrens’ Poems in English

Submitted by Caroli Leiman on March 18, 2015 - 9:19am

Former Estonian TA Mall Pesti has published and is a co-translator of the first book of Estonian children’s poems in English – Siilid ja pingviinid. Hedgehogs and Penguins. The 22 poems, printed in both in English and Estonian, represent nine well-known Estonian authors: Juhan Liiv, Viivi Luik, Heljo Mänd, Ellen Niit, Hando Runnel, Ilmar Trull, Leelo Tungal, Jaanus Vaiksoo and Peeter Volkonski. A CD is included with poems recorded in both languages.

Mall Pesti is a renowned specialist on Estonian as a foreign language pedagody. She has co-authored the popular Estonian language textbooks E nagu Eesti and T nagu Tallinn in addition to the Estonian literature reader L nagu lugemik. She earned her MA in Applied Linguistics at Tallinn University in 2002 and in Baltic Studies at UW in 2006. She currently teaches an online Estonian course at Tallinn University and continues writing textbooks. She has also conducted multiple teacher training seminars for teachers of Estonian in Europe and Australia.