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Congratulations to Britt Lewis

Submitted by Caroli Leiman on June 19, 2015 - 11:30am

Congratulations to Brittany Jae Lewis who earn her MA degree in Scandinavian Languages and Literature this Spring quarter 2015, with Swedish as a target language and a secondary emphasis on drama and film.   Britt successfully completed her written and oral exams, under the supervision of Professors Lotta Gavel Adams,  Ia Dubois, and Terje Leiren.  In addition to taking all the graduate seminars of the Scandinavian Studies Graduate Program, Britt also spent an academic year at Uppsala University during her graduate studies.   A fluent speaker of Swedish, Britt served as Teaching Assistant in first- and second-year Swedish at the Scandinavian Department, bringing her language proficiency, enthusiasm and energy to her students.   In addition to her interests in Scandinavian drama and film, Britt has also exhibit excellent talents in literary translation and picture-text analysis of Swedish children’s picture books.  We wish her luck in her future endeavors as she is moving to Sweden to continue her studies.