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Thomas Kovach: Inspired by Scholarship in Uppsala

Submitted by Tanner Blake Compton on November 15, 2016 - 11:08am
Thomas Kovach

Hej! I'm currently in the middle of my semester abroad at Uppsala University, where I am taking an intensive upper-level Swedish language course called "Svenska för studerande med annat modersmål" (essentially "Swedish for non-native speakers"). The course is divided into four sections (speaking, reading, writing, and grammar) and conducted entirely in Swedish. Initially I was worried it was a little above my level, but I've adapted nicely – better to be challenged than to be bored!

My temporary Swedish home is on a somewhat infamous block of student apartments in Flogsta, a neighborhood on the outer edge of Uppsala. I live in a corridor with 11 other students from eight different countries, and I have ample opportunity to practice my Swedish when asking "why there is Kalles caviar on the faucet?" or "who stole my coffee mug?" Our shared kitchen has been a great exercise in international diplomacy.

In addition to my studies, I've been seizing the opportunity to chase my personal interests: seeing Swedish bands, visiting Viking-era ruins, wondering at the Vasa ship, and so forth. With trips already booked to Malmö, Gothenburg, Gällivare, and Gotland, I'm having a great time exploring the old, free, mountainous north!  -Thomas Kovach