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Beth Meberg - B.A. & Minor, 2011

Submitted by Gregory R Pflaumer on October 2, 2019 - 2:48pm
Beth Meberg

Beth is currently earning her teaching credential at California State University, Northridge, and expects to graduate in 2020. Between completing her undergraduate degree in the Scandinavian Studies Department and her current studies, Beth worked on the television show Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. Her ability to speak Norwegian and her knowledge of Scandinavian history and culture helped to quickly build bridges in the Scandinavian countries when working on a Viking special. Even when working on non-Scandinavian episodes, Beth’s background in cultural studies gave her a level of understanding of different cultures and how to engage with people from different backgrounds that was helpful in her job. Beth’s plans or the future include teaching English and drama to high school students in the Los Angeles area, and she plans to include Norse literature and mythology into her curriculum. Analyzing texts and Norse literature and mythology in the Scandinavian Studies Department was a gateway for Beth into literary criticism and led her to want to teach English. While Beth completed her study abroad at the International Summer School at the University of Oslo, she had family visit from the U.S. and they reconnected with family in Norway; being able to speak to, and keep in touch with, her relatives in Norwegian has created a special connection and “has been a dream come true.” Beth recalls her time in the Scandinavian Studies Department fondly and claims that it “made me the person I am today and changed my life for the better.”

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