David Corneil - B.A., 2007

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David is currently an attorney working in civil litigation in San Diego, CA. During his time in the Scandinavian Studies Department, David learned to read and write critically, and to scrutinize work in another language, skills which have been “invaluable in the legal field.” As an attorney, David spends a lot of time analyzing what judges have written, and being able to scrutinize something written a long time ago or written in a very coded language and being able to understand it and translate it to the current context is crucial. David found that the liberal arts education he received in the Scandinavian Studies Department has helped to shape his worldview and has been especially helpful in the legal field. In addition, the volume of reading and writing expected of Scandinavian Studies students is what drew David to study law. He found the faculty to be extremely supportive, particularly when it came time to finish his degree and consider his options for what to do next. He was encouraged to apply for, and received, a scholarship to do a Masters in Scandinavian History at Linköping University in Sweden. While there he did a presentation to a high school class on accents and dialects and stayed in touch with the high school and did some teaching and tutoring. After returning to the U.S., David completed a law degree at UC San Diego in 2012. 

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