Line Liblik Larsen - B.A., 2010

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Line currently works as the Program, Development, and Executive Assistant at the Northwest Danish Association in Seattle, an organization that seeks to preserve and share Danish culture, traditions, and values in the Northwest. The knowledge she gained about Danish history, art, literature, music, and culture in the Scandinavian Studies Department help her to perform the duties of her job. She also gained valuable soft skills that she uses daily in her job, such as intercultural communication and working with people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. The skills she gained in the Scandinavian Studies also provided the foundation she needed for her Masters degree in Global Studies and Cultural Encounters at Roskilde University in Denmark (2014). Upon graduating from her Masters, Line worked as a volunteer researcher at the Institute for Happiness Research in Copenhagen, interviewing people about their awareness of happiness as a national brand in Denmark and whether it influenced their decision to move there. Line is truly a global citizen, having lived and traveled all over the world, but she was drawn to the small class sizes and the sense of community provided by the Scandinavian Studies Department.