Two Exciting New Book Publications By Scandinavian Studies Emeritus And Affiliate Faculty!

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If you need a new book to read, you are in luck -- there are two new publications out by Emeritus and Affiliate UW Scandinavian Studies faculty!

To start, we have the first complete English translation of August Strindberg's 'The Occult Diary', by Professor Emerita and Barbro Osher Endowed Chair of Swedish Studies Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) Gavel Adams.  From the Stockholm University Press blog: 

August Strindberg (1849–1912) kept a diary from February 1896 in Paris until the summer of 1908 in Stockholm. He referred to his diary from this period as his Occult Diary. 

August Strindberg used the diary to decipher the world as he experienced it. He was exploring new ways of looking at, interpreting, and writing about nature, science, art, the occult, and his fellow human beings. He read and reread his own notations, adding new interpretations, and deleting others. He also drew on the diary as material for creative expression, transforming isolated events and observations into groundbreaking works of literature.

The Occult Diary is published here in its entirety in English translation for the first time, in a final revision by Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams and with an introduction by Per Stam.

This is "a key resource for international Strindberg scholars and theater professionals", as well as anyone interested in Swedish history and art.  Very exciting, and what great work from Lotta!

Also, Affiliate Associate Professor Margaret Willson's latest book is now out, 'Woman, Captain, Rebel: The Extraordinary True Story of a Daring Icelandic Sea Captain'.  

A daring and magnificent historical narrative nonfiction account of Iceland’s most famous female sea captain who constantly fought for women’s rights and equality—and who also solved one of the country’s most notorious robberies.
Every day was a fight for survival, equality, and justice for Iceland’s most renowned female fishing captain of the 19th century.

History would have us believe the sea has always been a male realm, the idea of female captains almost unthinkable. But there is one exception, so notable she defies any expectation.

This is her remarkable story.

See Full Description on Margaret Willson's Website Here

This book sounds incredible, and I cannot wait to read it!  Margaret will also be giving a talk/doing a book signing at the UW Bookstore on March 8th at 6:00pm -- UW Bookstore Calendar Event Here , please come!

Congratulations to Lotta and Margaret, and we look forward to following your future endeavors!