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Finnish lecturer Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara Wins Kotikielen Seura Article Prize April 11, 2018
Jarkko Sipilä Speaks to Scandinavian Crime Fiction Students Jarkko Sipilä on Finland's Seamy Underside March 23, 2016
Evan Wright Evan Wright Defends Dissertation on Comparative Ecocritical Approaches to Finnish and American Literature March 22, 2016
Ilmari Ivaska Ilmari Ivaska Wins Kotikielen Seura Dissertation Prize March 22, 2016
Wade Hollingshaus Wade Hollingshaus on Erkki Kurrenniemi at age One Hundred Seven March 21, 2016
Jarkko Sipilä Finnish Crime Writer Jarkko Sipilä in Seattle, March 10, 2016 February 9, 2016
Ivaska, Markkanen, Suokko, Borland, Hiukka, Nestingen Finnish Consul General Juha Markkanen visits UW Finnish Program February 1, 2016
Eero Tetri and Terttu Gluckmann Eero Tetrin muistolle  - In Memory of Eero Tetri January 11, 2016
Finnish Lecturer Ilmari Ivaska (Photo: Turun yliopisto) Star Wars and Finnish December 10, 2015
Professor Marianne Stecher and Lecturer Ilmari Ivaska Scandinavian Studies at the UW Study Abroad Fair November 10, 2015
Special Guests Lola Rogers and Johanna Sinisalo Finnish Program 25th Anniversary Celebration October 27, 2015
Faculty Spotlight June 23, 2015
Sofi Oksanen, author of When The Doves Disappeared/ Sofia Oksanen: ‘We know about British colonialism. Russian colonialism is not well known.’ April 21, 2015
New Course: Typological and Historical Perspectives on Finnish Language - SCAND 342 A March 9, 2015
Graduate Student Liina-Ly Roos Published in Baltic Screen Media Review December 9, 2014
The Association for Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada Announces its Annual CALL FOR PAPERS October 21, 2014
Graduate Student Liina-Ly Roos Awarded Master's Degree May 22, 2014
NATO Specialist Discusses Military Preparedness in the Baltic April 25, 2014
Andrew Nestingen Presents on Aki Kaurismäki and the Finnish Tango November 21, 2013
To Really Understand Hevibändi, It Helps to Know the Language (Wall Steet Journal) June 7, 2013
Recent Nordic Literature in the News March 13, 2013
Nordic Cool Logo  Nordic Cultural Festival at the Kennedy Center is in the news! February 20, 2013
Helen S. Blair  Memorial Scholarship Fund January 29, 2013
Pasi Sahlberg meeting with UW Finnish students, (from left to right) Ryan Majidimehr, Pasi Sahlberg, Michael Brown, Christopher Morris, and Matthew Kuosmanen Finland Hot at the University of Washington December 3, 2012
Pasi Sahlberg Lecture available on KUOW.ORG's Speakers Forum November 15, 2012