Nordmanns-Forbundet, Pacific Northwest Chapter Student Support Fund

for Norwegian Studies
Area of Study: 

With the 2013 dissolution of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of Nordmanns-Forbundet, the scholarship funds, in compliance with the intention of the Chapter’s Articles of Incorporation regarding dissolution, were donated to the University of Washington, Department of Scandinavian Studies, in order to establish the Nordmanns-Forbundet, Pacific Northwest Chapter Student Support Fund Endowment. The endowment ensures that Nordmanns-Forbundet will not be forgotten and its gift will continue to support the Norwegian heritage and culture in the Pacific Northwest. 

This endowment provides financial support to undergraduate students in the Norwegian Studies program of the Department of Scandinavian Studies, with a preference for students who arrange to attend a UW authorized study abroad program (summer school included) in Norway. Interested students shall submit a scholarship application form with detailed information on the proposed plans for study, along with two letters of recommendation and a copy of college transcripts. The award may be up to $1,500.