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Forming Your Ph.D. Committee

Excerpted from the Department Ph.D. Guidelines

Establishing a supervisory committee:

“The student must establish a supervisory committee at least three quarters prior to the quarter scheduled for the General Examination. Note: The Graduate School must receive a warrant requesting the general exam at least three weeks prior to the proposed examination. The student is also advised that the graduate faculty as a whole is responsible for the composition of the Ph.D. committee. The student is asked, therefore, to submit his or her suggestions regarding the membership of the Ph.D. committee to the graduate faculty for approval.”

After the student has chosen his/her committee, he/she must find a GSR to serve on his/her committee. The Graduate School Representative (GSR) can come from any department, except one in which a Department faculty member has an adjunct appointment (i.e. no one in History or Women’s Studies).

Finally, the student must submit the committee list to the Graduate Program Coordinator for entry into the MyGrad program.