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M.A. Reading List - Area Studies: Literature Short List

  1. Njáls saga (ca. 1280, translated from Old Norse by Magnusson and Pálsson).
  2. Ludvig Holberg, Jeppe paa Bjerget (1723, translated from Danish by Argetsinger and Rossel in Jeppe on the Hill and Other Comedies).
  3. Hans Christian Andersen, “Den lille Havfrue”(1837), “Skyggen” (1847), “Flipperne”(1848) and “Dryaden” (1868, translated from Danish by Nunnally in Fairy Tales as “The Little Mermaid,” “The Shadow,” “The Collar” and “The Wood Nymph”).
  4. Elias Lönnrot, Kalevala, Cantos 1-2, 10, 42-43, 50 (1849, translated from Finnish by Bosley).
  5. Henrik Ibsen, Et Dukkehjem (1879, translated from Norwegian by McFarlane as A Doll’s House).
  6. August Strindberg, Fröken Julie (1888, translated from Swedish by Robinson as Miss Julie).
  7. Knut Hamsun, Pan (1890, translated from Norwegian by Lyngstad).
  8. Johannes V. Jensen, Kongens Fald (1900-1901, translated from Danish by Bower as The Fall of the King).
  9. Jānis Rainis, “Uguns un nakts” (1905, translated from Latvian by Straumanis as “Fire and Night”).
  10. Selma Lagerlöf, Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (1906, translated by Howard as The Wonderful Adventures of Nils).
  11. Sigrid Undset, Kransen (1920, translated from Norwegian by Nunnally as The Wreath).
  12. Aino Kallas, Sudenmorsian (1928, translated from Finnish by Matson as The Wolf’s Bride).
  13. Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen, Barbara (1939; translated from Danish by Johnston).
  14. Pär Lagerkvist, Dvärgen (1944, translated from Swedish by Dick as The Dwarf ).
  15. Karen Blixen, “Det ubeskrevne Blad” (1957) and“Babettes Gæstebud” (1958, by Isak Dinesen as ”The Blank Page” and “Babette’s Feast”).
  16. Väinö Linna, Täällä pohjantähden alla, Part II (1962, translated from Finnish by Impola as Here Under the North Star).
  17. Romualdas Granauskas, “Raudoni miškai” and “Duonos valgytojai” (1975, translated from Lithuanian by Girniuvienė and Dapkus as “Red Forest and “Bread Eaters”).
  18. Tõnu Õnnepalu, Piiririik (1993, translated from Estonian by Madli Puhvel as Border State).
  19. P.O. Enquist, Livläkarens Besök (1999, translated from Swedish by Nunnally as The Royal Physician’s Visit).

Poetry: Selection of ten poems, representing the national canon in student’s target language.

Revised February 10, 2005.