EU Ambassador To the United States Visits the Department of Scandinavian Studies

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Ambassador David O'Sullivan speaking to Professor Christine Ingebritsen's class
O'Sullivan Speaks to Europe Today
Ambassador David O'Sullivan (E.U.) and "Europe Today" students
O'Sullivan and "Europe Today" Students
Ambassador David O'Sullivan (E.U.) and Professor Christine Ingebritsen (Scandinavian Studies)
O'Sullivan and Ingebritsen

Ambassador of the European Union to the United States of America David O'Sullivan visited the UW campus and the Department of Scandinavian Studies on Friday, 16 October. Ambassador O'Sullivan spoke to Professor of Scandinavian Studies Christine Ingebritsen's course "Europe Today" (JSIS A 301). Students engaged the ambassador in a lively discussion of the refugee crisis, the complex nature of working across borders,  and the challenges of combining state-level preferences and EU-wide federal agendas.  Ambassador O'Sullivan's time in Seattle also included visits at Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.