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Christine Ingebritsen: Understanding Scandinavian Small States Helps Us Understand Brexit

Submitted by Andrew Nestingen on July 25, 2016 - 8:11am
Professor Christine Ingebritsen
Professor Christine Ingebritsen

Professor of Scandinavian studies Christine Ingebritsen argues that understanding Scandinavian politics helps us understand the UK's "Brexit" vote to leave the EU (23 June 2016) in a recent opinion piece in the Seattle Times, "Britain Leaves the EU: A Small State Of Mind." Ingebritsen has researched and written extensively on the relationships between the Nordic states and the European Union. Ingebritsen suggests we can think of the British vote as similar to Norwegian and Danish views of the European Union. Norway last voted against joining the EU in a 1995 national referendum. Denmark is a member, but has sought to preserve its parliamentary authority and prevent transfers of sovereignty to the EU. Professor Ingebritsen teaches courses on the European Union and Nordic states, among other topics.