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Alumni Story Project Led by Dr. Kimberly Earles

Submitted by Andrew Nestingen on October 15, 2018 - 10:58pm
Alumni Story Project Head, Dr. Kimberly Earles
Alumni Story Project Head, Dr. Kimberly Earles
Dr. Kimberly Earles will be leading the "Alumni Story Project" during winter 2019. The purpose of the project is to gather stories about Scandinavian Studies alums' lives, their incredible adventures and professional achievements. Today's students want to know, "What did you do with Scandinavian Studies?" "How did it help you?" Help us answer their questions! The department will use material from the alumni story project to recruit and retain new students.  
Kim says, "I am very excited about the Department of Scandinavian Studies' Alumni Story Project, and look forward to contacting alumni to find out more about their professional lives after obtaining their Scandinavian Studies degrees." Kim will be reaching out to alums during January and February. Please reply to her requests! If you are interested in participating in the Alumni Story Project, you can also contact Kim directly at
Kimberly Earles has a Ph.D. in Political Science, focusing on gender, public policy, and employment in the Swedish welfare state. She has also written articles about the Nordic welfare states more broadly (“Swedish Family Policy – Continuity and Change in the Nordic Welfare State Model” in Social Policy & Administration, 2011). She has been a Lecturer at a number of universities including the University of Washington Tacoma, and has completed research projects for the National Action Committee on the Status of Women and the Washington Education Association. 
Please contact Kim at