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Baltic Studies Program 25th Anniversary

Submitted by Tina M Swenson on June 10, 2019 - 12:29pm
Guntis Smidchens speaking at Baltic Studies 25th Anniversary event

Written by Richard Wiest

On April 26, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Studies Program in the department, founders, fund-raisers, former and current students and teachers and an array of other supporters joined the festivities for an interesting and stimulating all-day event led by the program head, our own Prof. Guntis  Šmidchens. The Muse of Nordic Sagas was fleetingly seen to be hovering over the proceedings.  Hence:

Eddas both poetic and prosaic-

Snorri broadened the mosaic.

Down the centuries to follow

Came Metai and Kalevala

Kalevipoeg and  Lāčplēsis

Epics all, a Baltic frieze.

To see these sagas newly thrive

We must go back twenty-five

Years to 1994

Tales of now near ancient lore.

Keystone commemorated

Worthy founders duly fêted

Natives, students, teachers, scholars

Donors of the crucial dollars

Kazickas and Bob Wallace

Raišys, Baltic groups and ALA.

Academic statesmen like

Far-seeing Daniel Waugh,

Terje Leiren, later Šmidchens

Brought to us by Tom DuBois.

Language, history, music, culture

Every topic made the rounds

The scope of modern Baltic Studies

Clearly does not notice bounds.

Guard the project as it thrives-

It really does change lives.