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Olivia Gunn on the Tragic Quotidian in Ibsen and Maeterlinck

Submitted by Andrew Nestingen on January 15, 2016 - 2:27pm
Olivia Gunn
Olivia Gunn

Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn's article "The Master Builder's Tragic Quotidian" was recently published in Ibsen Studies (15:1, 40-65). Ibsen is largely understood and staged as a realist, but Gunn shows how the connection betwen the Belgian symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck's essay "The Tragic Quotidian"  (“le Tragique Quotidien”) and Ibsen's late dramas might cause readers of Ibsen to think more about the place of symbolism in his work. The publication continues Professor Gunn's research on Ibsen, which she is also pursuing in her book project Ibsen's Empty Nurseries: Reproduction, Aesthetic Ideology, and the Late Plays.