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Photo of Assistant Professor Amanda Doxtater
Assistant Professor and TA Coordinator
Kristian Næsby
Visiting Danish Lecturer
Visting Lecturer of Lithuanian



Title Date Time Location
“Problems in Mythological Reconstruction: Thor, Thrym, and the Story of the Hammer over the Course of Time”
Professor Aurelijus Vijūnas
Jun 9 9:00am to 11:10am Raitt Hall 314


Title Date Time Location
Changes in the Arctic: Old and New Debates
Astrid Ogilivie
Oct 17 3:30pm to 5:00pm PCAR 192
Nordic and Baltic Book Lust Series Presents "Modern and Danish - Karen Blixen at Midcentury"
Marianne Stecher
May 30 7:00pm Nordic Heritage Museum
Falling Bodies: On Masterbuilder Solness and other Ibsen stories
Astrid Sather, University of Oslo
May 28 12:30pm to 2:20pm CLK 120
The Arctic Pastoral
Henning Waerp, University of Tromsø
Apr 2 3:30pm CMU 202