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Pétur Valsson receives Nadia Christensen Award for Excellence in Nordic Studies, 2019-20, for Lars von Trier research

Submitted by Andrew Nestingen on September 9, 2019 - 1:50pm
Pétur Valsson
Pétur Valsson

In his Ph.D. dissertation “Elevating the Ugly,” doctoral candidate Pétur Valsson examines the visual aspects of Lars von Trier’s films, especially in regard to how the director uses film technology, both old and new, to obstruct visual pleasure and degenerate or destroy the filmic image. Through this study of von Trier's iconoclasm, Valsson also reconsiders the place of the director's work in the context of avant-garde and modernist traditions in filmmaking and art, a connection that has been largely overlooked in film-studies research on Lars von Trier's film authorship.Valsson's Ph.D. adviser is Professor Andrew Nestingen.  The Nadia Christensen Award for Excellence in Nordic Studies is an annual award that recognizes outstanding research by a graduate student in the Department of Scandinavian Studies.