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Photo of Assistant Professor Amanda Doxtater
Assistant Professor and TA Coordinator
Department Chair, Professor
Kristian Næsby
Visiting Danish Lecturer
photo of liina-ly
Graduate Student, Estonian TA, Swedish TA
Stecher photo
Graduate Program Coordinator; Professor
Former American Scandinavian Foundation Visiting Lecturer AU14



Title Date Time Location
Elevating the Ugly: Lars von Trier's Anti-Aesthetics and the Filmic Image
Pétur Valsson
Dec 8 10:30am Raitt Hall, Room 107
Whiteness in Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Project
Associate Professor, School of Drama UW, Scott Magelssen
Oct 22 1:30pm Raitt 314
Showing of Sami Daughter Joik (2007) by Swedish Filmaker Liselotte Wajstedt
Professor Anna Stenport Introduces and Leads Discussion of Film
Oct 17 7:00pm SAV 260
Charlie Chan is Swedish: Warner Oland, Asian Racial Masquerade, and the Nordic Other in Classical Hollywood
Professor Arne Lunde
Oct 15 1:30pm Raitt 314
The Invention of Northeastern Europe: Geopolitics, Film Festivals and Documentary Cinema
Ilona Hongisto
Apr 10 3:30pm RAI 314


Title Date Time Location
Documentary Film Screening of Blueberry Soup Nov 5 9:00am Kane Hall 210
The Arctic Imagined: Film and the Nordic Far Far North
Professor Anna Westerståhl Stenport
May 9 4:00pm Thomson Hall Room 101


Title Date Time
Director Daniel Alfredson Visits Crime Scenes Class May 25 11:30am


Title Date Time
Bodil Marie Thomsen Apr 15 7:30pm


Title Date Time
Festival of Estonian Animated Film Aug 13 to Aug 16
Does it Look Like Happiness (2003) Jul 30
Images of America in the Baltic: “Does it Look Like Happiness” (2003) Jul 26
The Baltic in the 21st Century Apr 23